Our application process

Did you find a good match at our job search? The next step is quite simple and takes just a few minutes. Here you will find the most important step-by-step information about our application process.


As the various target groups differ with regard to the application process, select the appropriate section below.



  • Do personalize your cover letter: show us your personality and match your soft skills to the position.
  • Do tailor your CV: your CV shows us your path from the very first experience to the latest; highlight especially projects which fit to the job description.
  • Do keep it concise: maximum 2 pages for your CV.


  • Don't apply via email: use our quick and user-friendly online application. It only takes 90 seconds.
  • Don't apply to several positions: make sure to customize your application and explain us why you are the right fit to the position. An application to more than 5 positions doesn’t make a good impression.  
  • Don't make spelling mistakes: proof-read your application thouroughly and make sure to have corrected any spelling mistakes. Especially don't spell our company name wrong: it's Infin-eon not Infin-ion.

The "perfect" CV


Our infographic tells you  what you need to know about the perfect CV for your application at Infineon.

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Facts for your interview


Our infographic tells you everything you need to know in order to shine in your interview.

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