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Smartifying homes the secured way

How does a smart home differ from a regular home? A smart home is equipped with technologies that make our lives more convenient and energy efficient. Today, the growing range of technologies encompasses smart home appliances, mobile devices and home automation systems, many of which are interconnected. But being ‘smart’ in this sense requires appliances and systems fitted with the right semiconductor solutions. They empower smart appliances, devices and systems to make sense of their environment and current situation. Working together, sensors, controllers and actuators enable members of a smart home to properly collect, interpret and process real-time data, then trigger the appropriate action or response. In an age of mounting security threats, security solutions keep all activities and system secured and out of harm’s way.

From intelligent lighting control to optimized energy consumption, each smart home function depends on intelligent semiconductors. As this rapidly changing field continues to evolve and mature, having a reputable and reliable partner in smart home semiconductor technologies such as Infineon makes all the difference.

Benefit from our smart home expertise

Infineon’s leading portfolio of best-fit, ready-to-use semiconductor solutions empowers you to create innovative smart home applications that meet both current and future demands. You can count on our components to be smart, secured and energy efficient. In our one-stop shop, you will find all components and solutions required for your project. Furthermore, our products are easy to integrate into your designs.

As you forge new, unexplored territory in the smart home realm, our in-depth knowhow of our components and their potential in smart homes and home automation systems enables us to support you through and through. At the cutting-edge of key smart home technologies, we are in the position to guide you through this exciting new market while you explore new opportunities and business models. Especially those new to smart homes will appreciate our easy-to-use smart home demo and our basic offering of solutions.

How our offering enhances your project

Smart home use cases: Infineon products in action

A market with huge potential

According to the study “ABI Market Data, Q1 2018”, the smart home market is continuously growing. The annual growth rate of total smart home revenue in the coming years is predicted to average 25.0 percent. Experts expect the number of new smart home installations to mushroom from 17.11 million in 2016 to 77.20 million in 2022. For the market, this means that many innovative smart home elements will be in high demand over the next few years. With Infineon, you have peace of mind that you can find every component required – today and tomorrow.

Infineon is part of the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF). OCF is making the IoT attainable by establishing the necessary interoperability standard for connected devices - enabling them to discover and communicate with one another, regardless of manufacturer, operating system, chipset or physical transport.

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