Business Resilience

“Our primary objective is to allow Infineon to continue managing its business under adverse conditions, by introducing appropriate resilience strategies, business continuity, and crisis management plans.”


Our Business Resilience framework is designed to enable us to fulfill our commitments to customers, reputation, brand, and value-adding activities:

  • Protects Operations: Identified potential disruptions that could threaten Infineon operations
  • Builds Resilience: Provides a framework for ensuring resilience, contingency, and capability of effective response management
  • Secures Supply Chain: Secures Infineon supply chain to ensure reliable delivery
  • Safeguards Customer Trust and Infineon Brand: Safeguards the commitment to our customers, our reputation, brand and value-adding activities

We perform various measures to ensure our resiliency: Risk Management, Response Management, Exercise Management, Business Continuity Management, and Transparency.