Business Continuity Planning

Holistic Business Continuity Management at Infineon

  • We see Business Continuity Management as a holistic management process that identifies potential risks and impacts that threaten people, sustainability and value creating activities.
  • It provides a framework for building resilience and enables effective response safeguarding the interests of key stakeholders, reputation and value creating activities.
  • To achieve this, Infineon implemented a Business Continuity Management System referring to ISO 22301:2012 at all manufacturing sites. It is certified at Dresden, Regensburg and Villach. 

We perform a Business Impact Analysis and ensure controlled operations

› Our Business Continuity Planning provides a framework for the organization to be able to early detect risks, to respond adequately, and to have recovery and restoration plans in place. The various elements of our framework are continually improved not only due to lessons learned, but also due to regular reviews and audits, for example.

› With our dedicated risk assessment along the supply chain, we ensure the early detection of potential risks. Risks are evaluated in specific categories according to their impact and likelihood values. Those risks are subsequently mitigated by selecting corresponding mitigation solutions. This includes, but is not limited to the evaluation of the BC capabilities of our supplier.