Privacy Statement, Talent Relationship Tool, as of: March 2017

Infineon Technologies AG and its affiliates emphasize the protection of your personal data. Therefore, and based on legal requirements, we would like to inform you about the collection, usage and processing of your data during the job application process.

  1. Purpose of Collection and Data Usage
    Personal data is collected, processed and used for the purpose of handling talent relationship activities, such as sending job offers and for general information about careers and recruiting topics. The data you provide is used to contact you and collect, verify and assess your application-related credentials. Based on the data you provide us, we e.g. will send you annual birthday e-mail or further information regarding Infineon’s jobs or benefits as an employer.

    Your data will only be made available to the responsible human resource department and the dedicated managers. Upon your request, your application credentials can be made available and used for dedicated positions at Infineon.

    Personal data collected and processed during the talent relationship process is protected against unauthorized access, loss and modification by technical and organizational measures.
  1. Data Processing within the Infineon Group
    Your data will be transferred, processed and used within the Infineon Group for handling the talent relationship process.

    If you are living within the European Union, your personal data is stored and processed in compliance with European and applicable national privacy laws, especially the German Federal Data Protection Law (BDSG).

    If you are living outside the European Union, your personal data will also be processed by local Infineon subsidiaries. The data is held on computers in Germany.

    For Infineon employees, internal privacy and data protection regulations apply. Infineon employees are sworn to secrecy and to protect all personal data.
  1. Transfer to Third Parties
    The Infineon Talent Relationship tool stores and processes your data and is operated by an external service provider. Contractual agreements between Infineon and the service provider establish legally compliant data processing and the protection of your data.

    Furthermore, your data may be passed within the Infineon Group or to third parties if this serves your personal interests.

    Any further disclosure or transfer of your data is not performed.
  1. Data Retention
    Your data is not automatically deleted. You will receive an e-mail after twelve months with the possibility to withdraw your consent. After withdrawing your consent, your data will be either deleted or anonymized.
  1. Rights and Duties of the User
    Personal data you submit must be correct, complete and up-to-date.

    If you have given consent to use your data for the reception of company information (e.g. e-mail newsletter), you may withdraw your consent at any time with immediate effect.
  1. Cookies
    The Talent Relationship tool uses session cookies to help your browser identify you and enable Infineon to provide you with customized and personalized services. Cookies are stored by default for 24 hours and are discarded when the browser is closed. We use visitors’ public IP address to match the visited page to a location area. We do not store the individual IP address.
  1. E-mail tracking
    All e-mails sent from the Talent Relationship Tool include a tracking pixel which can track the open and click-rate of the e-mail recipients.
  1. Note
    In order to keep up with the continuous development of the internet, Infineon may amend this privacy policy at any time in compliance with data protection regulations.

Contact to Data Protection Officer

You can contact Infineon at any time regarding privacy rights concerns at the following e-mail address:, or send a letter to the mailing address given below.

Please provide your contact details, the name of the Infineon website or service in question, and a detailed description of your request or privacy/data protection issue.

Data Protection Officer
Infineon Technologies AG
Am Campeon 1-15
85579 Neubiberg

Terms and Conditions of Use: Talent Relationship Tool

  1. You may at any time have your account deleted from the Infineon Talent Relationship Tool. In this case, send us an e-mail at In such event Infineon will remove your data and other stored personally identifiable data.
  2. You are responsible for any content (in particular files, pictures etc.) uploaded to the Talent Relationship Tool.
  3. You shall fully indemnify Infineon and its affiliates against any claims asserted by third parties resulting from performing any illegal activities either by you or third parties on your fault.
  4. Nothing in these terms and conditions of use shall limit or exclude Infineon's liability under mandatory liability laws, for injuries to life, body or health, for fraudulent concealment of defects, or in cases of Infineon's intentional misconduct or gross negligence. Without prejudice to the aforementioned, in cases of Infineon's slight negligent breach of obligations that restrict essential rights or duties arising from the nature of these terms and conditions of use or of an obligation whose observance you regularly may trust in, Infineon's liability shall be limited to the typical, foreseeable damage. Without prejudice, Infineon's liability under these terms and conditions of use shall be excluded in all other cases.
  5. If you violate these terms and conditions of use, your permit to use the Infineon Talent Relationship Tool terminates automatically. In addition, Infineon may terminate your permit to use the Infineon Talent Relationship Tool at its discretion and at any time regardless of any violation of these terms and conditions of use.