Winning Together in A Low-Carbon, Connected World - Infineon Technologies Greater China's First Eco Conference Successfully Held

Jan 7, 2022 | Business & Financial Press

On January 6, 2022, Infineon Technologies Greater China held its first cross-industry Eco Conference in Shenzhen. Under the theme of "Winning Together in a Low-Carbon, Connected World", the conference comprised three primary areas: IoT, New Mobility, and Energy Efficiency. At the event, Infineon briefed on its strategic transformation from a product and technology supplier to a system solution provider, driven by the general trend of electrification and digitalization, and demonstrated its vision to create an ecosystem across the industry chain with partners to help local industries integrate, innovate and develop across fields, as well as some of its latest achievements.


The conference comprised a keynote speech, a roundtable and four parallel sub-forums: Securing IoT,Empowering Efficient & Smart Home Appliance,Driving Future Mobility and Sensing Smart Life. At the event, the leader from the Shenzhen municipal government made a speech, and the entrepreneurs and technical experts from leading companies and institutions in the value chain shared their valuable experience and forward-looking insights in EVs, IoT and energy efficiency with the guests and audiences from value chains, universities and industry associations in various application fields on the spot.


“Digitization and electrification will accelerate the transformation of society and the economy. This unlocks great business potential for our industry. Infineon is convinced that partnership is a key driver and accelerator for future business.” Dr. Helmut Gassel, CMO of Infineon Technologies, said in his video message, “We want to learn from and work with our partners to develop new applications. As a leading semiconductor company, Infineon is ready to join hands with partners in the industry to leverage complementary strengths. I believe that further cooperation in the innovation ecosystem will benefit all of us.”


“The shift from products and technologies to solutions is a huge systematic project that cannot be achieved by one party alone. Instead, it requires the creation of an ecosystem across the value chain.” Dr. Hua Su, Senior Vice President & Greater China President of Infineon Technologies, noted in his keynote speech, “Infineon, as a leader in semiconductor technology, is willing to take the lead in creating a local ecosystem across the value chain with global service capabilities, so as to not only better serve local customers and partners in Greater China, but also follow the historical trend to support local customers and partners in going overseas and offering superior products and services worldwide.”.


In fact, Infineon Greater China began to  plan  and invest in the ecosystem long before, and has made remarkable achievements. In New Mobility, driven by the trend of electric, intelligent and connected vehicles and the changes in the industry landscape, Infineon has further expanded and improved its Automotive solutions. This enables the 10-years-old Infineon Automotive Ecosystem to get ever-rising attention from partners in the industry ecosystem, including automakers, tier-1 suppliers and software developers, and attract engagement from a large number of partners. In IoT, Infineon offers a complete range of system-level solutions covering five IoT core elements: sense, compute, actuate, connect and secure. Also, Infineon works closely with partners having special core capabilities in different application fields in the ecosystem, driving fast and effective implementation of various IoT applications in a more secure, less power-consuming, more stable and reliable way. Some typical collaborative results on "Smart Life" were showcased at this event to inspire innovation and encourage more partners to create richer applications and use cases. In Energy Efficiency and Sensing System, Infineon took the lead in creating a home appliances ecosystem as well as a power and sensing community back in 2017. With leading technologies, complete product lines and a full range of solutions, as well as deep understanding of semiconductor technology, Infineon has brought industry chain partners together to play an important role in developing frequency-conversion and intelligent, connected home appliances by pushing boundaries, working collaboratively, sparking innovations and creating win-win synergies.


Moving forward, Infineon will take three major steps to promote the development of the low-carbon, connected ecosystem in Greater China, making it richer, more complete and prosperous. Infineon will: firstly, empower partners, encourage cross-field innovation, and enhance local design, development and manufacturing capabilities by building local application development teams and application competence centers; secondly, proactively develop high-quality partnership in the local value chain, and keep encouraging innovation to improve quality, reduce cost and increase efficiency; and thirdly, build virtual eco-system clusters around New Mobility, Energy Efficiency, IoT and Big Data, Security and other core areas closely related to the megatrends of the era, and enhance the depth and breadth of cooperation among partners in the ecosystem and create a better future together through online communities, user interaction, knowledge sharing, etc.

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