Infineon goes digital – Chip manufacturer invites to a virtual tour of its trade shows

Jun 22, 2020 | Market News

Munich, Germany – 22 June 2020 – Trade shows are an essential part of communication with customers – this is where new technologies and innovative products are launched. As a result of the coronavirus, numerous trade fairs had to be cancelled or postponed since spring 2020. In the short term, Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) is therefore strengthening its own activities in the digitalization of sales and marketing activities. The semiconductor manufacturer is thus presenting two important trade show highlights on the internet in July: power semiconductors and sensors.

Infineon's virtual PCIM 2020 booth with the latest power semiconductors will be completely online as of 1 July. Already today, a preview with short descriptions of the demos is accessible. And the Virtual Sensor Experience (VSE) booth with sensor topics can be visited on the internet starting 20 July. Both online experiences are similarly designed: after the registration required by data protection law, the user can explore the booth with the respective main topics on his or her own. At PCIM, these are industry, consumer and solutions for transport and e-mobility. At VSE, the focus is on automotive, industry and consumer, the latter once again divided into smart building and lifestyle.

Extensive live offer

Visitors to both internet trade shows have the opportunity to obtain information about products in real time via webinars: there are 17 presentations at the virtual PCIM booth, at the VSE booth up to ten. All presenters are also available for questions via a chat function afterwards. The extensive program of product presentations will run from 1 to 3 July (PCIM) and 20 to 22 July (VSE). It is therefore advisable – as with a physical trade fair – to draw up a schedule in advance.

Without any stress, the visitor can look at the product solutions for different applications over a longer period of time – and come back again and again. The respective main topic is used as a pre-selection for this: if the visitor clicks on it, the application examples with the corresponding products open up. A separate page with comprehensive information is now available for each product. This can be general descriptions, PowerPoint presentations, eLearning, infographics, videos, images (usually also as 360° view) and useful downloads.

“Experience the difference in power”: virtual PCIM of the market leader

Three main topics, 25 demonstrators, more than 100 products: this year, Infineon will run PCIM 2020 completely virtually. As usual, visitors will again get a comprehensive insight into product innovations and application solutions. With the broadest portfolio of power semiconductors, including silicon, silicon carbide (CoolSiC™) and gallium nitride (CoolGaN™) technologies, Infineon continues to set standards. The online trade show will open its doors with all product information available on 1 July; click here to register. The highlight products are:

  • Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) leads to the growth of copper-sulfide crystalline in power semiconductors, which has a major impact on the lifetime of IGBT modules. To prevent premature failure, Infineon has developed H2S protection. EconoPACK™+ modules with a TRENCHSTOP™ IGBT4 chipset are the first in the Econo portfolio to feature this new protection.
  • 650 V, 1200 V, 1700 V: Infineon is continuously expanding its portfolio of CoolSiC MOSEFETs with new voltage classes and packages. Now, the 1200 V 62 mm module is being launched. This proven package type with baseplate opens up silicon carbide for applications in the medium power range starting at 250 kW – where silicon reaches the limits of power density with IGBT technology.
  • In the drivetrain of electric cars, silicon carbide stands for greater efficiency, higher power density and performance. Infineon will give an outlook on future power modules with CoolSiC MOSFET technology. Among other things the chipmaker will showcase the HybridPACK™ Drive CoolSiC, a 1200 V full bridge module for traction inverters.
  • Battery Management Systems (BMS) are the key to optimal utilization of battery capacity and long service life. Infineon offers a wide range of products for BMS consisting of safety controllers, sensors, circuit breakers, supply and security components. The company now introduces a BMS IC with precise voltage measurement, high robustness against interference and integrated cell balancing.
  • The USB PD standard allows to charge a great variety of electronic devices quickly. Compared to the existing charging devices it enables increased power levels. Infineon offers a broad and dedicated product portfolio for cost-optimized USB-PD chargers and adapters, and showcases the 34 W USB-PD Type-C charger as well as the comprehensive portfolio.

In addition to these highlight products, a variety of other application solutions will be on display at Infineon's virtual PCIM booth. These include for example the 2300 V PrimePACK™ 3+ for 1500 V central inverters in the solar sector and the 1600 A PrimePACK 2 for motors of up to 400 kW. The new TRENCHSTOP IGBT7 technology for the 650 and 1200 V voltage classes will also be presented. A special section will map the existing CoolSiC portfolio.

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