IR's IR3847 SupIRBuck® High Current Point-of-Load Integrated Voltage Regulator Receives Two Awards from Electronic Products China

Sep 26, 2013 | Market News

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — International Rectifier, IR® (NYSE: IRF), a world leader in power management technology, today announced the company's IR3847 SupIRBuck® high current Point-of-Load (POL) integrated voltage regulator has received two prestigious awards from Electronic Products China (EPC).

The IR3847 was named one of EPC's Top-10 Power Products for 2013. EPC's editors and panel of experts determine the top power products based on criteria that includes a significant advancement in a technology or its application, innovative design, and substantial achievement in price/performance. In addition, the IR3847 received EPC's Technology Breakthrough Award.

The IR3847 extends the current rating of IR's third generation SupIRBuck® family up to 25A in a compact 5x6 mm package. As a result of a new thermally enhanced package using copper clip and several proprietary innovations in the controller, the IR3847 can operate at 25A without heatsink, and reduces PCB size by 20% compared to alternative integrated solutions and 70% compared to discrete solutions using a controller and power MOSFETs. A complete 25A power supply solution can be implemented in as little as 168mm2.

More information on the IR3847 is available on the International Rectifier website.

"We are delighted to receive two prestigious awards for our IR3847 SupIRBuck® integrated voltage regulator from Electronic Products China. The IR3847 not only delivers the benchmark performance and density that our customers require, the device also helps simplify the POL design process," said Adam White, Senior Vice President, Global Sales.

A presentation ceremony for the winners of this year's awards took place on September 12, 2013 in Beijing during Electronic Products China's 12th Power Technology Conference.

More information is available at Electronic Products China Top-10 Power Products website