Infineon’s New EconoPACK™ + D Family: Trend-Setting IGBT Modules for Highest Demands Posed by Wind and Solar Systems and Industrial Drives

May 17, 2011 | Market News

Neubiberg, Germany - May 17, 2011 - Infineon Technologies presents the EconoPACK™ D family, the latest generation of power semiconductor modules in the 1200V and 1700V voltage classes with up to 450A nominal current, at the PCIM Europe 2011 (May 17-19) in Nuremberg, Germany. Infineon has developed the new EconoPACK™ D series based on the well-known and established EconoPACK™ platform to master the ever-growing demands in applications such as renewable energies, commercial vehicles, elevators, industrial drives or power supplies. Thanks to numerous improvements and innovations, such as ultrasonic welded power terminals, an optimized base plate structure or reliable and innovative PressFIT control pin technology, the new modules open the door to implementing rugged and efficient power converter concepts on a small footprint.

Longer service life, higher power density and a robust module package permitting the use of future chip generations – these are the major challenges faced in developing new power modules. Examples of new fields of application posing challenging electrical and mechanical demands are electric or hybrid drives in commercial vehicles such as city buses and vans. These vehicles and the assemblies used – including the power modules – have to withstand both high electric stress and heavy mechanical loads such as shock and vibration, as well as frequent temperature change during operation.

“In coming up with EconoPACK™ D, Infineon offers a trend-setting family of power modules. That’s the case because new generations of chips can unfold their full potential in the module package only if appropriate contact and connection technologies so permit,” says Martin Hierholzer, Vice President and General Manager Industrial Power at Infineon Technologies. “Given the increasing demands particularly in renewables or in electric-powered commercial vehicles, our innovative package concept optimized for system integration clears the way for efficient, robust and compact inverter designs.”

Modules with current ratings of 225A through 450A, with 1200V and 1700V voltage ratings, open the door to developing efficient and compact inverters. Featuring screw power terminals providing excellent electric connection and PressFIT control pins for solderless inverter assembly, the EconoPACK™ D modules are ideal for an array of industrial applications. The ultrasonic welded power terminals increase the mechanical robustness and permit higher currents. Furthermore, the modules deliver reduced conduction losses, optimized stray inductance and – thanks to the latest chip technologies, IGBT4 – a higher operation junction temperature of max. 150°C and hence a higher I RMS current. Combined with the high IGBT4 power cycling capability, Infineon’s power modules raise the bar.

The control pins of the EconoPACK™ D series feature the extremely reliable PressFIT design, as widely used in the automotive industry. These press-in contacts can be pressed into the PCB by the user for solderless and hence also leadless assembly, but they can also be soldered into the PCB if necessary. Therefore the new D series can be processed using the standard assembly and solder processes currently available for EconoPACK™ modules.


EconoPACK™ D SixPACK modules with the latest IGBT generation (IGBT4/E4) are available as engineering samples in the 1200V and 1700V voltage classes with 225A, 300A and 450A nominal current. Modules with even higher nominal currents are being prepared.

Infineon Technologies is presenting the new EconoPACK™ D modules at the PCIM Europe 2011 (May 17 to 19, 2011) in Nuremberg, Germany, in Hall 12 at Booth 404.

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  • Infineon’s New EconoPACK™ + D Family: Trend-Setting IGBT Modules for Highest Demands Posed by Wind and Solar Systems and Industrial Drives
    Infineon’s New EconoPACK™ + D Family: Trend-Setting IGBT Modules for Highest Demands Posed by Wind and Solar Systems and Industrial Drives

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