New Infineon 100V MOSFET Family Offers Industry’s Lowest On-Resistance, Highest Switching Speeds for SMPS AC/DC, DC/DC Converter Applications

Mar 21, 2006 | Market News

Munich, Germany and Dallas, Texas – March 21, 2006 – At the APEC (Applied Power Electronics Conference) trade show in Dallas today, Infineon Technologies AG (FSE/NYSE: IFX), a world-leading provider of power semiconductors, introduced a new family of 100V MOSFET devices that can reduce the parts count in switched mode power supplies (SMPSs) by 30 percent, and reduces losses of up to 20 percent, compared to solutions based on standard technologies.  The OptiMOS ® 2 100V family features on-state resistances as low as 4.4 mΩ (milliohms) in standard packages, and a figure of merit (on-state resistance times gate charge) of as low as 410 mΩnC (milliohm nanocoulombs) to support switching speeds of 250 kHz and above, both of which are industry-best.
The OptiMOS 2 100V MOSFET family is designed for optimum performance in AC/DC and DC/DC power conversion applications in computer servers, and telecommunications and networking systems. The unsurpassed on-resistance and figure of merit also make the new 100V MOSFETs ideal for a wide range of other switched-mode applications, including Class D amplification, motor-control and uninterruptible power supplies. 
In DC/DC converter applications, the low on-state resistance reduces conduction losses at high loads.  At light loads, the very low FOM g (gate charge figure of merit, or on-state resistance times gate charge) and FOM gd (gate-drain charge figure of merit, or on-state resistance times gate-drain charge) reduce the switching losses of primary-side switches in isolated DC/DC brick converters for high efficiency.  FOM gd is a more accurate indicator of switching losses than FOM g, and the OptiMOS 2 100V MOSFETs features industry-low values for both figures.  A reduction in losses of up to 20 percent at full load can be achieved with the same parts count and comparable package, while also maintaining a superior efficiency at light loads compared to competitive devices. Alternatively, for the same efficiency, a parts-count reduction of up to 20 percent can be realized, providing an optimized cost-performance trade-off.
In AC/DC converter applications, the low on-state resistance and gate charge are coupled with high immunity to dynamic turn-on, ensuring both industry-leading low conduction losses and safe operation in the synchronous rectification stage. Compared to standard technologies, the OptiMOS 2 100V MOSFETs allow a parts-count reduction of 30 percent in the secondary-side synchronous rectification stage of AC/DC SMPSs.  In addition, a low thermal coefficient ensures low conduction losses even at the elevated temperatures normally present in AC/DC SMPSs.
The new OptiMOS 2 family comprises the broadest selection of 100V power MOSFET devices available from any supplier, with 20 components available today and 40 more planned for release.  The wide variety of components reflects Infineon’s commitment to the power semiconductor market, offering performance and package options suited for a wide range of applications, enabling power supply designers to select the most cost-efficient solution.
“With the introduction of the OptiMOS 2 100V product line, Infineon takes another step in helping its customers meet the growing demand for highly efficient power supplies,” said Dr. Gerald Deboy, Principal of Technical Marketing, Power Management and Supply, at Infineon Technologies. “We increase design flexibility for engineers, enabling them to reduce component counts and system cost, improve performance and increase efficiency.  The industry-leading characteristics of the new devices set a new performance standard for low-voltage MOSFETs, and further strengthen Infineon’s position as a leading technology supplier to the power conversion market.”
The OptiMOS 2 100V family also features an avalanche rating that is at the theoretical maximum for MOSFET technology, and the MOSFETs are virtually immune to dynamic turn-on.  Both of these characteristics ensure stability, reliability and maximum performance in the target applications.
Availability, Packaging and Pricing
Engineering samples of the new OptiMOS 2 100V devices in TO-252 (D-Pak), TO-262 (I2-Pak) and TO-220 packages, with on-state resistances of from 5.4 mΩ to 80 mΩ, are available now.  Additional package types, including D2-Pak, I-Pak and Super SO8 packages, are planned for release in 2006.
In quantities of 10,000, the price per unit is less than Euro 2.00 (US $2.40) for the 4.4 mΩ TO-220 (IPP04CN10N) device and less than Euro 0.35 (US $0.40) for the high-speed D-Pak (IPD64CN10N) device.
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