Infineon Announces New Tools for Microcontroller Solution Design, Shows High Performance Cores and Standard Products at Embedded Systems Conference 2003

Apr 23, 2003 | Market News

San Francisco – April 23, 2003 – Infineon Technologies will introduce tools for microcontroller (MCU) system-on-chip designs and show its latest high performance MCUs this week at the Embedded Systems Conference in San Francisco. This Infineon News Alert provides summaries of the new system development tools, MCU cores, and standard MCUs designed to provide embedded developers with access to cost- and performance-optimized processor solutions.

This week’s announcements and product premiers include:

  • the C166S Core IP Evaluation Kit, for 16-bit MCU systems with DSP (Digital Signal Processing) extensions;

  • availability of Infineon’s TriCore™1MP-S core, a fully-configurable and synthesizable core offered as a part of the Synopsys DesignWare® Star IP Program;

  • the C164SV 16-bit MCU, for DC motor control and smart drive applications; and

  • the TC1910 and TC1912 32-bit MCUs for Telematics gateway and audio processing applications.

In addition to the descriptions below, readers can refer to the listed web URLs or contact the Media Relations department contact named in each summary for more information.

C166S Core IP Evaluation Kit

The C166® architecture is extensively used in automotive, industrial, mass storage and communications system applications, and has been available as a licensable, synthesizable core since 2000. With the new IP evaluation kit, system designers can quickly perform key tasks in a System-on-Chip (SoC) design flow, using a Xilinx Vertex-2000E FPGA to run both MCU core and proprietary IP elements. The platform provides SoC designers with all of the elements needed to integrate proprietary hardware with the C166S V1.2 core, allowing early software development and verification of the entire system. The IP Evaluation Kit contains a main board (with FPGA and system memory), peripheral board for interface and peripherals, and complete configuration and test support.
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TriCore1MP-S Core Available in DesignWare Star IP Program

Infineon’s TriCore1 core architecture is ideally suited for application that require both microcontroller and DSP functionality in 32-bit systems designed for low total system cost and minimal power consumption. The TriCore1MP-S is now available as a core in the Synopsys DesignWare Star IP Program ( DesignViews (including simulation and timing models as well as complete documentation) for TriCore1MP-S, as well as the Infineon C166S core, are available to DesignWare Library and DesignWare Verification Library licensees for no additional charge. Synopysy also provides core licensees with the Implementation View of the respective core, including a fully configurable soft core (in VHDL or Verilog). The TriCore1MP-S core is instruction set compatible with already shipping standard MCUs based on the Tricore1 core, and has an industry standard AMBA AHB interface to speed integration with peripherals and other system component IP.
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C164SV Microcontroller

With the real-time performance that has earned the C166 architecture a decade of high-volume designs, this latest addition to the product family is optimized for use in multi-phase brushless DC motors and smart drive applications in the cost sensitive white goods, pumps and fans. On-chip peripherals include an intelligent Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and a synchronized Analog Digital Converter (ADC) that operates autonomously from the CPU. ROM derivatives, for targeted single-chip applications, are also available.
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TC1910 and TC1912 Microcontrollers

The two newest additions to Infineon’s family of TriCore MCU-based Telematics gateway/audio processing controllers are targeted at modular and integrated infotainment applications and industrial control applications integrating voice control features. An integrated high-performance audio codex enables speech-processing functions with no external components. Available software packages include Bluetooth stacks and profiles, MP3 decoding, voice processing, GPS processing and others.
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