Infineon Announces Lowest Power 10G CMOS Ethernet Transceiver Family Offers Complete "One-Stop-Shop" for 10G Optical Module Vendors

Jun 4, 2002 | Market News

Atlanta, June 4, 2002 - Infineon Technologies (FSE/NYSE: IFX) today introduced two 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) XAUI-to-serial transceivers, the TenGiPHY-W and TenGiPHY-L, which address the needs of the rapidly growing 10 Gigabit Ethernet WAN and LAN markets. The TenGiPHY™ devices are the lowest power single chip 10GE transceivers implemented in pure CMOS with XAUI and 10G interfaces and may be used as universal 10GE LAN (TenGiPHY-L) or WAN (TenGiPHY-W) PHY devices. The new transceivers complement Infineon’s existing 10G Laser Diode driver (LDD) and Transimpedance Amplifier (TIA) to provide a complete one-stop-shop for 10G optical module vendors.

Demonstrated at Infineon’s Supercomm booth (#23726), the TenGiPHY transceivers highlight Infineon’s unique vertical integration, which enables it to provide advanced and cost-effective total solutions. Targeted for use within XENPAK or XPAK fiber optic modules, the TenGiPHY devices are best suited for applications in 10 GE line cards, Ethernet backbones in local and metropolitan area networks (LAN and MAN), Storage Network Interface Cards, Terabit Routers and similar applications.

“With long-haul and access platforms already upgraded to effectively handle increases in traffic, the MAN remains the only bottleneck for efficient end-to-end data transfer in the optical transmission network,” said Thomas Seifert, General Manager of the Wireline Communications Group at Infineon. “Committed to providing a complete set of strategic optical and logic components and sub-components optimized for the metro environment, we have developed the highly advanced, low-power TenGiPHY transceiver family.”

“Manufactured in standard 0.13µ CMOS technology, the TenGiPHY provides fiber optic module vendors with minimum power and size by integrating the highest level of PHY layer functionality and additional “smart” features into a single transceiver IC,“ said Ayad Abul-Ella, Product Line Director, Optical Networking Business Unit. “Incorporating a micro controller, analog to digital (A/D) and digital to analog (D/A) converters in combination with their respective algorithms, the TenGiPHY offers our customers numerous options to reduce their module manufacturing and field maintenance costs.”

The Infineon TenGiPHY provides a serial 10Gbit/s interface to an optical sub-module; the integrated CDR and CMU operate at data rates of 10.3125 and 9.95328 Gbit/s. The included quad serial 10 Gigabit Attachment Unit Interface (XAUI, pronounced "zowie"), an interface defined in the IEEE 802.3ae 10GE draft standard for chip to chip interconnects, provides four 3.125 Gbps channels, and includes transmit pre-emphasis and 8B/10B coding. A micro-controller and D/A and A/D converters have been integrated into the chip to eliminate the need for additional components usually needed for control and tuning of the laser and other physical-media-dependent devices. Due to the utilization of power sensitive design techniques, the device consumes less than 1.3W of power.

The XGXS, PCS and PMA sub layers of the 10GE standard are incorporated in both TenGiPHY transceivers. The TenGiPHY-W, targeted as a WAN PHY, also includes a complete STS-192c/VC-4-64c SONET/SDH framer for direct connection to the public network. Having identical pin outs, the TenGiPHYs make the migration from a pure LAN solution to extended connectivity via the WAN a smooth and easy transition. Only minimal external component changes are required. Future versions of the TenGiPHY family are targeted to extend their support to 10G Fiber Channel and the upcoming SFI4.2 (SFI 4 Phase 2) SerDes-to-Framer interface standard.

Packaging, Price and Availability

Fabricated using Infineon’s 0.13 µm CMOS process, the TenGiPHY-L and TenGiPHY-W are packaged in a small-footprint, 15mm x 15 mm ball grid array package. Engineering samples of the TenGiPHY-L will be available in August 2002, with small-volume pricing at US $200, and engineering samples of the TenGiPHY-W will be available in September.

About Infineon

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  • Infineon Announces Lowest Power 10G CMOS Ethernet Transceiver Family Offers Complete "One-Stop-Shop" for 10G Optical Module Vendors
    Infineon Announces Lowest Power 10G CMOS Ethernet Transceiver Family Offers Complete "One-Stop-Shop" for 10G Optical Module Vendors
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