Infineon Technologies and Micron Technology Announce Cooperation to Develop "CellularRAM"

Jun 24, 2002 | Market News

Joint News Release by Infineon and Micron

Munich, Germany/Boise, Idaho, USA, June 24, 2002 -- Infineon Technologies AG (FSE, NYSE: IFX) and Micron Technology, Inc., (NYSE: MU) today announced they have signed an agreement to collaborate in the development of specifications and providing multiple sources for CellularRAM memory, a new multi-generational family of low power Pseudo Static RAM (PSRAM) for wireless applications.

This new type of Pseudo SRAM device is designed to meet the rapidly growing memory and bandwidth demand in future 2.5G and 3G handset designs, at a lower cost/bit ratio than current or proposed alternatives. Featuring SRAM-pin compatibility, refresh-free operation and extreme low power design, CellularRAM memory is a drop-in replacement for the asynchronous low power SRAM typically used in today’s cell phone designs.

CellularRAM is based on a single transistor DRAM cell versus a six-transistor (6T) SRAM cell, providing significant advantages over traditional SRAM. CellularRAM devices leverage all the technology and process advancements of commodity DRAM. The DRAM structure also results in a memory cell that is only one-tenth the size of a 6T SRAM cell using the same lithography node. The die size savings reduces the cost of equivalent density memory and enables larger memory sizes in wireless systems.

The CellularRAM product family includes components with a SRAM-type interface for replacement applications and a new class of innovative products featuring a burst read and write mode that emulates a Flash interface. The products operate at clock rates as high as 108MHz, have an initial latency of 60 ns and achieve a sustained bandwidth of 210MB/s.

The intent of the cooperative development agreement is to make CellularRAM memory a multi-sourced standard for the memory subsystems of next generation 2.5G (GPRS, EDGE) handsets and entry-level 3G (UMTS) terminals. Both companies will produce pin- and function-compatible products based on a jointly developed specification. Each company will manufacture the products using their own process technology.

Infineon and Micron plan to make several CellularRAM devices available in the next 12 months. The first is a 32Mb device, organized as 2Meg x 16, scheduled for initial availability in late 2002. A 16Mb and a 64Mb device, organized as 1Meg x 16 and 4Meg x 16 respectively, will be available in the first half of 2003. The CellularRAM devices are powered from a single 1.8V supply and offer 2.5V and 3.0V I/O voltage options as well.

"CellularRAM memory allows our customers to design a high performance, power efficient and yet cost effective solution for next generation wireless handsets," said Mario Fazio, Micron's Director of Strategic Marketing, Wireless Products. "CellularRAM memory, when combined with a non volatile memory like Micron’s high density, low voltage burst Flash, provides an attractive solution for a memory subsystem operating on an asynchronous/burst bus, today’s most popular choice in handsets. We look forward to the opportunities of our strategic relationship with Infineon to further expand the CellularRAM product family. Customers benefit from the flexibility of supply, technology leadership and large manufacturing capacity Micron and Infineon afford through the collaborative development of CellularRAM memory."

"CellularRAM memory is an ideal solution for next-generation handsets, providing the necessary density and data throughput at low power consumption. After the market introduction of Mobile-RAM and the launch of the NROMTM based NAND Flash technology, CellularRAM memory is another important milestone on our roadmap to become a full range memory supplier for wireless applications,” said Dr. Ernst Strasser, Director of Marketing for Graphics & Specialty DRAMs of Infineon. “This agreement represents the latest in a series of co-development agreements between Infineon and Micron. Our cooperation on RLDRAM is very successful, and we are excited about the expansion of our joint activities in specifying and providing full compatible CellularRAM devices to our customers."

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