Infineon Announces New Highly Integrated Microprocessor Solutions for Cost-Critical Automotive and Embedded Designs

Oct 11, 2002 | Market News

Munich, Germany – October 11, 2002 – Infineon Technologies (FSE/NYSE: IFX) today announced the availability of two new microcontrollers, the XC167CI-16F40F and the XC164CS-8F40F, that are optimised to balance performance and total cost in automotive and industrial drives and control systems. Both of the high-integration microcontrollers feature support for Infineon’s embedded Flash program memory and the application-specific peripherals needed for cost-effective motor and transmission controls, high performance electrical motor drives, robotics and industrial networking applications.

Based upon Infineon’s C166 architecture, recognized by Gartner Dataquest as one of the industry’s most extensively used 16-bit system platforms, the new devices expand Infineon’s microcontroller solutions portfolio and demonstrate continued responsiveness to evolving customer requirements. Existing customers will be able to migrate current designs to new products and reduce development costs with faster design cycles and accelerated time-to-market periods.

Infineon invites interested parties to see the XC167CI-16F40F and the XC164CS-8F40F at two upcoming tradeshows – Convergence 2002 in Detroit, Mich. (October 21-23, 2002) in Booth #427, and, Electronica 2002 in Munich, Germany (November 12-15, 2002) in Hall A5, Booth #506.

Technical information on XC167CI-16F40F and the XC164CS-8F40F

The XC167CI-16F40F is a new member in Infineon’s 16-bit C166 S V2 microcontroller family, combining the extended functionality and performance of the C166 S V2 core with powerful on-chip peripheral subsystems and on-chip flash memory. The architecture of the XC167CI-16F40F has been optimized for high instruction throughput and minimum response time to external interrupts. Intelligent peripheral systems have been integrated to reduce the need for CPU intervention. The architecture's flexibility supports the requirements of diverse application areas, such as automotive, industrial control and data communications.

Features of both XC167CI-16F40F and the XC164CS-8F40F include the high performance C166 S V2 core, with 25ns instruction time at 40 MHz, for outstanding overall system performance and compatibility of existing systems software with the existing C166 architecture; high-speed TwinCAN with full CAN 2.0 B, 32 messages and two communication lines for autonomous high-speed communication with gateway functionality; CAPCOM6 module dedicated to PWM generation of AC and DC Motor control for simple flexible control of various types of motors; and DSP support with built in advanced MAC unit to provide the signal conditioning and calculation capability required in many complex industrial, automotive and communications applications. An On Chip Debug System (OCDS) is included in both of the new microcontrollers to enable customers to speed time-to-market by accelerating software development and system integration.

The XC164CS-8F40F, based on the enhanced C166S V2 architecture, outperforms existing 16 bit solutions by a factor of 1.5 to 2 and advanced interrupt handling provides real time capability. DSP performance, combined with a powerful integrated peripheral set and high performance on-chip Flash or ROM memory, make the XC164CS-8F40F the solution of choice for demanding industrial and automotive applications like synchronous DC motor control, future head lamp concepts or effective power steering solutions. The flexible and intelligent PWM unit simplifies control of AC-, DC- or reluctance motors. A high speed, high resolving ADC handles the translation of complex analog environmental data quickly and accurately.

The XC167CI-16F40F also includes I2C interface for easy integration of I2C-based peripherals and 128 Kbyte advanced embedded Flash Memory; while the XC164CS-8F40F also includes 64 Kbyte advanced embedded Flash or ROM Memory for reduced system cost, time-to-market and cost optimization for mass production.

Availability, Packaging and Pricing

Samples of the XC167CI-16F40F and the XC164CS-8F40F are now available and Infineon is accepting orders for volume production. Both the XC167CI-16F40F and the XC164CS-8F40F will be shipped in the space saving TQFP (Thin Quad Flat Pack) package; the XC167CI-16F40F has 144 pins, while the XC164CS-8F40F has 100 pins. Pricing in quantities of 20,000 will be 13.50 Euro for the XC167CI-16F40F, and 9.95 Euro per unit for the XC164CS-8F40F.

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