Infineon Technologies Introduces Ultra-Miniature Plastic Lead-less Package for Discrete Semiconductors

Mar 7, 2001 | Market News

Munich, March 7, 2001 - Infineon Technologies (FSE/NYSE:IFX), one of the leading suppliers of Radio Frequency (RF) and Audio Frequency (AF) discrete semiconductors to the communication industry, today introduced a revolutionary packaging technology. The new TSLP (Thin Small Lead-less Package) represents a milestone in size, performance and package innovation, meeting market demands for smaller components in a broad range of wireless and portable products.

Superior chip-scale packaging concepts and leading edge manufacturing processes enable Infineon to be the first to come up with an innovative plastic lead-less package for discrete devices that consumes only 20 percent the space of a standard SC-75 package. With an overall footprint of only 1.0 x 0.6 x 0.4 mm³ he TSLP package is not just an ultra-miniature size package with a reduced soldering footprint, it marks also a significant height reduction compared to the widely used SC-79 package. The new TSLP is compatible with existing pick-and-place equipment and PCB (Printed Circuit Board) insertion techniques.

Infineon offers a wide variety of diodes and transistors in this new TSLP-2/3 (2/3-pin). The new package is ideal for any space-saving or innovation driven application like wireless systems, GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) phones, Personal Digital Assistance products (PDA), digital cameras and portable digital audio/video players.

Due to their reduced parasitics, diodes and transistors using the TSLP show an improved frequency response. This is especially important for all devices working in the radio frequency band from 400MHz up to 2.5GHz where all major mobile communication and wireless internet standards such as 2.5G and 3G are located.

Using efficient high volume batch scale production and the elimination of ceramic substrates will have a positive impact on component cost. In addition the new TSLP is a further contribution to Infineon’s efforts for environmental protection by applying ecologically beneficial materials. With its lead-free and halogen-free components Infineon’s TSLP fulfills all criteria for a Green package.


High volume production of devices using the TSLP will commence in April 2001. Future chip scale plans based on innovative TSLP concept also include dual diodes, dual transistors and small scale integrated semiconductors for various applications.

About Infineon

Infineon Technologies AG, Munich, Germany, offers semiconductor and system solutions for applications in the wired and wireless communications markets, for security systems and smartcards, for the automotive and industrial sectors, as well as memory products. With a global presence, Infineon operates in the US from San Jose, CA, in the Asia-Pacific region from Singapore and in Japan from Tokyo. In the fiscal year 2000 (ending September), the company achieved sales of Euro 7.28 billion with about 29,000 employees worldwide. Infineon is listed on the DAX index of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and on the New York Stock Exchange (ticker symbol: IFX). Further information is available at

More information on TSLP is available online at

Background information on standard packages

SC-75 length: 1.60 mm, width: 1.60 mm, height: 0.80 mm
SC-79 length: 1.60 mm, width: 0.80 mm, height: 0.55 mm
TSLP length: 1.00 mm, width: 0.60 mm, height: 0.40 mm

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  • Infineon Technologies Introduces Ultra-Miniature Plastic Lead-less Package for Discrete Semiconductors
    Infineon Technologies Introduces Ultra-Miniature Plastic Lead-less Package for Discrete Semiconductors
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