Next generation ISDN to USB single-chip controller from Infineon streamlines the connection to the ISDN network

Feb 1, 2000 | Market News

Infineon Technologies, the leading ISDN IC supplier, is driving the worldwide trend to miniaturization by introduction of the programmable single-chip ISDN to USB controller SIUC-X PSB 2154. Featuring the highest level of integration currently available, the chip includes all the functions required for ISDN S/T interface access solutions via USB. It also enables designs like an ISDN to USB adapter built into a dongle on a cable (cable-with-a-bump).

Based on Infineon’s proven C800 8-bit microcontroller with on-chip emulation support logic using Enhanced Hooks Technology, the single-chip ISDN to USB controller allows easy development and upgrade of customer-specific firmware. Moreover, since the device includes a complete package of microcontroller firmware and device drivers, the customer can elect to use the factory-programmed instruction set for ISDN communication via USB rather than write his own software.

The PSB 2154 is designed using a low-power 3.3V technology and accommodates power-saving modes like “On Now“ and “Intelligent Wake Up“. The Infineon controller with an voltage regulator integrated on the chip can receive its power completely via the USB. Saving an external power supply in this way the application size can be reduced to a minimum. However, self-powered applications with an additional external device exceeding the USB low-power-limit can also be built around the chip. USB requirements for suspend mode of low-power devices are also met. An 8-line programmable auxiliary I/O interface allows various control for peripheral functions. Three LED ports provide the user with status information. One of them automatically indicates the S-bus activation status. Customized configuration data like Vendor ID and Product ID can be loaded from an optional external EEPROM.

Thanks to Infineon’s standard Interface IOM-2, several telecom and datacom ICs together can be used with the single-chip ISDN to USB controller to facilitate a variety of easy-to-use and reliable applications. One example is a dual-mode adapter with switchable S (Europe) and U (USA) interfaces for an NT using the PSB 2154 and the U transceiver IEC-Q TE (PSB 21911).

The Evaluation Board SIPB 72154 allows first performance tests while the Reference Board SIPB 72155 gives guidelines for optimized board layout of a low-cost passive Terminal Adapter using the PSB 2154. Both tool packages include complete documentation: board description, schematics, layout, material list and software. The single-chip ISDN USB controller will be packaged in an 80-pin P-MQFP.

The ISDN to USB controller complies with the USB core specification V1.1 and will be prepared for the upcoming V2.0 upgrade. It meets the requirements of the PC99 standard and conforms with the Communication Device Class (CDC) Specification V1.1 for ISDN Devices as well as the USB Devices Firmware Upgrade (DFU) Specification V1.0. The firmware download mechanism enables flexible updates of standards like the USB Device Class Standard or updates of features like power management, without any application redesign.

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