Shaping the mobility transformation

The start of a new transportation era driven by microelectronics

We’re on the brink of a new era in terms of how we get from A to B. Climate change, increasingly strict CO2 regulations, technological disruptions, demographic developments and, finally, changing consumer preferences – all these factors will irreversibly change our mobility ecosystem. Whether established car manufacturers or new mobility players, political authorities or public transport providers, all are part of this major mobility shift. And all are facing new challenges as well as new opportunities.

Microelectronics fuel this transformation. From cars to trains, from powertrain to payment, from sensors to security and from connectivity to comfort, Infineon provides the fundamental semiconductor technologies for the journey to the new mobility. As a key player in the mobility value chain, Infineon partners with and innovates for the automotive and transportation industries to make mobility environmentally, socially and economically sustainable – for us today and for generations to come.

Market news of 16 December 2021: 

Improved power density: alpitronic selects Infineon's EasyPACK™ CoolSiC™ modules and EiceDRIVER™ X3 drivers for its 50 kW hypercharger


Future mobility is rich in opportunities

Semiconductor technologies provide the foundation for the mobility transformation. They’re the driving force that will help minimize our carbon footprint and maximize safety and convenience when travelling. Although subject to fundamental change, private cars will remain at the core of mobility. At the same time, new business models and multi-modal transportation systems will arise, offering cross-vehicle solutions and a seamless transition from private to public and from ownership to on-demand sharing services.  

Infineon drives the electrification and decarbonisation of the mobility sector. And with its expertise in sensing, connecting and protecting data, Infineon enables the digitalisation of cars and provides the basis for smart traffic concepts.

Infineon makes new mobility electric, connected, autonomous and user-centric.

Future mobility is electric

Future mobility is connected and autonomous

Future mobility is user-centric

As cars and vehicles of tomorrow are fully connected, all-electric and autonomous and above all provide various digital services they need the best technology available. Yet essential in that case is something that goes way deeper: trust. Drivers, passengers, and other road users need to trust vehicles that enable safe mobility in any environment, regardless of the road type and condition, the weather, age of the car or traffic situation. High availability of safety and cybersecurity will be key parameters for the level of trust people will put into cars of tomorrow.
Infineon’s semiconductor solutions provide the automotive industry with the necessary dependable electronics designed with zero-defect mindset, functional safety approach and extensive cybersecurity expertise to ensure the highest level of dependability and trust for future mobility.