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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a highly complex fusion of different technologies requiring technical expertise in multiple disciplines including: intelligent sensors, wireless connectivity, security and privacy, human-machine interfaces (HMI), cloud, power, and actuation.

With a wide portfolio of products for key IoT technologies combined with system-level expertise, Infineon supports you to focus on your business model, product design, and go-to-market instead of struggling to incorporate multiple technology systems.

Infineon powers the digitalization for IoT with an extensive portfolio of products including sensors, microcontrollers, actuators, wireless connectivity, and security to link the real and digital world. With robust software developments tools and an extensive partner ecosystem, you can easily bring your IoT products to market. Infineon’s comprehensive product range is at the core of every IoT system. Combined with the matching tools and software solutions to create smart, secure, and energy-efficient IoT solutions you can leverage the potential of into new markets and applications. All in all, this makes Infineon your one-stop partner for unleashing the full potential of the Internet of Things.

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Accelerating IoT development with system solutions

IoT requires key technical building blocks to create any application including HMI, intelligent sensors, wireless connectivity, security and privacy, edge machine learning, cloud, actuation, and power. With IoT applications using multiple technology areas, the time and expertise required to implement and integrate these areas together only increases. By providing reference examples that combine multiple technical building blocks, Infineon products and expertise simplify development complexity and get you to market faster.

Human Machine Interfaces

The smooth, intuitive experience of a smartphone interface has become the standard that every IoT application is expected to deliver for HMI. With the addition of voice as an HMI, the knowledge and expertise needed to quickly integrate these seamless interfaces into your device only increases. Infineon’s deep expertise lets you create HMI solutions like touch control built with CAPSENSE™, which has been used to replace over 6 billion mechanical buttons.

Intelligent sensors

Infineon’s broad portfolio for smart IoT devices and applications includes ready-to-use sensor solutions that enable fast time-to-market and reliable functionality. Based on 40 years of  experience developing sensor products and a world-leading sensing technology portfolio, Infineon’s XENSIV™ delivers exceptional accuracy, best-in-class measurement performance, reliability, field proven quality, system stability, durability, and integrity.

Security and privacy

In an increasingly digital world where we may be able to connect to the Internet from any device or location one thing never changes: Security is key. To work, the IoT has to be secure. Infineon’s aim is to create trust in the digital world so that users, enterprises, and organizations can unleash the full potential of the IoT. To address this growing need for secure devices, Infineon delivers hardware-based security to protect data from the end device to the cloud and to secure user privacy.

Edge Machine Learning

TinyML brings machine learning to low-power IoT devices and lets them transform raw sensor data into meaningful insights in real time. With TinyML,  running ML on the edge lets you process sensor data on the device and put intelligence at the IoT edge while avoiding privacy and latency issues caused  by sending data to the cloud. With key ML partnerships, Infineon makes tool flow and inference model development easy for anyone, even people just getting started.

Wireless connectivity

Wireless technologies like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®LE, and NFC make up the backbone of everyday IoT applications. As a wireless  pioneer and market leader with over 1 billion units shipped, Infineon has solved the technical challenges of wireless  connectivity including wireless co-existence and low-power wireless. Infineon also drives the future direction of Wi-Fi,  Bluetooth®, and Matter through their standards bodies.

Cloud connectivity

Only seamless communication between IoT devices, the cloud, and the network can ensure that the IoT’s full potential is utilized. Connecting to the cloud has become a central part of an IoT solution as it unlocks the potential for greater analytics, insights, and accessibility for IoT devices. With the advent of hybrid cloud and deployments using multiple cloud providers, you need to know that your device can work with any cloud. 


When your IoT device sets things in motion, you need the right combination of hardware and software to implement embedded motor control. The challenge is to find the right expertise to develop the software correctly, especially for things like motor control. Infineon’s powerful combination of microcontrollers and motor control software lets you quickly customize your motor control solution.


As more devices get connected and smarter, a reliable and efficient power source remains a key requirement. From high voltage to battery power, devices need to effectively manage the power limits and requirements to ensure reliability, performance, and fast time to market. To meet these needs, Infineon provides a full spectrum of solutions from USB-C to Qi wireless charging to battery management systems.


Developers often have to choose between closed, proprietary flows that struggle to keep pace with modern innovations and open platforms that fail to support the unique features and value of their target device. We make your life easier and more efficient by removing development barriers and allowing you to deliver quality products to market faster.

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