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We are passionate about new trends and technologies in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) as we are a semiconductor expert for high-performance microelectronics such as sensors, microcontrollers, power semiconductors, connectivity technologies and security solutions – supplemented by software. Thus, we are excited to welcome you to our IoT thought leadership page created by Infineon´s opinion leaders. Here you'll receive first insights about market trends and future technologies related to the IoT world .

These fresh takes on the tech industry will help you to:

- Build better products
- Speed-up time to market (Fast time to market)
- Increase sales
- Become an IoT expert by learning about cool new IoT stuff
- Benefit your company, your organization, and your cause

Join us in this journey and let us look together in one direction: Forward.

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Infineon leads in IoT security certification

In this blog, you'll discover more about Infineon's Product Security Verified Certification Program, showcasing our commitment to IoT security and leadership in the industry. Learn how this program aligns with international cyber security standards and provides assurance to consumers.
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Addressing the new wave of the IoT with Edge AI

Today, we are witnessing the exponential growth of IoT. As this market grows and evolves, so does the demand for more sophisticated, powerful, energy efficient and accurate system solutions that can help enrich our way of life. Among the many crucial technologies enabling this exciting future of the IoT, Edge AI will help enhance IoT's capabilities by enabling data analysis, predictive insights and intelligent decision making at the edge of the IoT. In this blog post, our colleague Omar Cruz discusses this new wave for more sophisticated, powerful, energy efficient and accurate system solutions that help make life easier and more connected. Learn more

Innovating for sustainability: Infineon´s leadership in smart farming and food security

The world population is growing day by day. This calls for new, resource-efficient ways to support society to satisfy their basic necessity - to eat. Discover Infineon's smart farming revolution.

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Bringing the world together on securing the IoT

The popularity of smart home devices remains high. With a click on the smartphone or a voice command, many things can be controlled. But security is still the biggest concern, which is why consumers prefer products with security seals. Governments share these security concerns and are in the process of enacting their own national or regional regulations. As a thought leader in this area, Infineon will seek to obtain the U.S. national label for its development board. Learn more

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) with Infineon

In this blog post, our colleague Preeti Ohri Khemani (Senior Director, Partnerships and Ecosystem Management) will take you through a journey in the future of megacities in which Infineon is enabling personalized, trusted and economical mobility services across ticketing, payment and citizen-centric retail platforms.
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Infineon brings trust to the healthcare of the future

The world is changing faster and faster, and health care is changing with it. The family doctor who made house calls has given way to real-time online diagnosis, treatment histories stored in the cloud and even “predictive medicine”. Everything has changed, except: The need for trust.
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