Artificial Intelligence
Paving the way for high-performance, energy-efficient, and scalable AI applications of the future

AI: Key to a digital and greener future

Infineon‘s one-stop-shop offering, ranging from single components to complete system solutions, provides its customers the opportunity to harness the full potential of AI technology - at the edge and in conjunction with the cloud. As a result, Infineon makes smarter, safer and more efficient systems possible. Extensive services and partner solutions enable to quickly develop and launch innovative AI application, while Infineon ensures scalability and adaptability. The combination of superior performance with optimized power consumption of its products reduces operational costs and contributes to a greener, more sustainable future.

By leveraging AI, we make the world easier, safer and greener!


We accelerate AI innovation and create value - as a user and as a provider

Artificial Intelligence is a key technology of the digital age. As a leading semiconductor manufacturer, Infineon is well positioned to fully realize AI’s potential in different tech domains. We channel AI’s powers towards three major goals:

  • We enable the digitization and the use of AI by our customers with our semiconductor products, software and tools solutions, and services.  We believe the use of AI at the edge, and in conjunction with cloud, will enable smarter, safer, more secure, and more efficient systems.
  • By using AI in our own manufacturing, we can produce our semiconductor solutions faster and more efficiently.
  • AI contributes to both - our company goals as well as our societal goals. With the help of AI, we can provide smart and energy-efficient solutions to the Internet of Things, sustainble mobility and the whole electrical energy chain.

Dive into Infineon's AI offering

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A world transforming: Rich in promise, dynamic and full of opportunities

Today more than ever we face major challenges which have to be mastered: Ongoing climate change, a growing world population, increasing demographic imbalances and constantly dwindling resources all call for clear and determined actions. Decarbonization and digitalization are inherently linked with one another and offer substantial potential in meeting these challenges we face. This not only has to do with lifestyle, but also with the need for the well-being of humanity.

Because one thing is certain: The world is more complex than ever. But a wide variety of opportunities emerges when we accept these challenges and react with solutions that benefit the individual, the company and sciety as a whole.

We already have the technologies - we just have to unleash their full potential!