Unleashing the power of the IoT

One-stop product portfolio and made-to-measure services for a faster time-to-market

IoT technologies are helping to overcome social challenges, increase benefits for people, and boost productivity in industry. Microelectronics make up the core of every IoT solution. Sensors, actuators, microcontrollers, communication modules, and security components underpin every IoT device. These are precisely the components you can find in Infineon’s comprehensive product portfolio. Propped up by various services and tools, Infineon is a one-stop technology partner for realizing smart, energy-efficient, and secure IoT devices. And that’s not all. We also support device manufacturers with specially developed boards, evaluation kits, and design tools, enabling you to get your IoT idea off the ground quickly, easily, and securely. We make IoT work!

Addressing the new wave of the IoT with Edge AI

Microelectronics are the enabler of each IoT device

Digital transformation and innovation without microchips is unimaginable. As the “raw material”, they are also an elementary component of the IoT. They connect the real with the digital world. Experience our wide range of solutions spanning sensors, microcontrollers, actuators, communication modules, and security components all of which work together seamlessly.

Experience Infineon's world of IoT.