D. Handling of Company Property

D 1. Private use of Company Facilities and Equipment

In principle, any use of Infineon equipment, assets, and resources (e. g. phone, fax, personal computers including e-mail, internet/intranet, photocopiers, mail services, tools) must be solely for Infineon business purposes. Occasional use for private purposes (e. g. for caring or family reasons) is permitted provided that it is in line with the Business Conduct Guidelines. Details – especially with respect to the requirements of private use – have to be agreed upon with the Corporate Compliance Officer for the specific countries. In no case may any information be retrieved or transmitted which incites racial hatred, glorification of violence, or other criminal acts, or contains material which is sexually offensive within the respective cultural background.

Infineon Employees are not allowed to create any image, sound or data records within the company, unless for business related purposes.

D 2. Protection of Property, Operations, and Assets

We are committed to protect our property, operations, and assets and to ensure operational integrity by appropriate measures and processes. Each Infineon Employee is obliged to adhere to these measures and processes and to actively contribute to subsequent improvement in his or her field of activity.