Making green energy happen

Energy efficient technologies have become a key lever in generating, transmitting and using energy more effectively

 A growing world population, billions of connected devices, mobility fueled by electric power – the appetite for energy is increasing. To improve the world’s climate balance and our future quality of life, we have to find solutions that handle energy more intelligently and efficiently at all stages of the electrical energy chain: energy generation, its transmission and storage as well as consumption. This chain cannot be implemented without semiconductor technology; only semiconductor technology enables energy efficiency along this chain in every single section.

For 40 years now Infineon has been working on these challenges. As the market leader for power semiconductors we have comprehensive solutions at hand and are investing in innovation. Our semiconductor technologies help minimize losses, enable higher device and application performance and use energy responsibly. We make green energy happen.


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The green impact of microelectronics

Semiconductors are essential along the entire energy chain

Energy saving is a mission for the world

Electricity amounts to one third of global energy requirements. Since 2016, the Paris Climate Agreement has been pursuing the limitation of global warming to “well below” two degrees Celsius compared to the pre-industrial age. Every kilowatt hour consumed of fossil fuels increases CO2 emissions by around 490 g and heats up the climate. And the era of electricity will continue to grow. Infineon semiconductors enable the optimization of energy efficiency along the entire electrical energy chain. Furthermore, Infineon is already taking the next strategic step to fulfill the mission and become carbon neutral by 2030.

Electric power generation

Electric power transmission and storage

Optimizing energy flow with less loss

The power transmission over long distances, distribution systems for short distances and energy storage systems for energy from renewable sources are essential to cover the growing energy need.

Infineon power semiconductors enable all these functions in the most efficient manner. Reducing losses along the transmission and distribution process is key to optimize the global energy flow. Eventually energy storage systems will become the backbone of the electrical era.

Stable and reliable.

Electric power transmission, distribution and storage

Electric power consumption

Explore how to increase energy efficiency in other use cases