Teaming up for sustainable IoT success

To fulfill our vision of a sustainable IoT we are constantly working together with leading global organizations and business partners to push innovations further to make life easier, greener and safer.

Working for globally consistent security standards

With active participation by leaders from multiple business segments, the FIDO Alliance is succeeding in its mission of making the connected world safer for both businesses and consumers by assuring that security measures are easy to use.

Joerg Borchert, Vice President of the Chip Card and Security Division at Infineon Technologies Americas Corp.

Since January 30, 2015, we have been part of the highly respected Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), one of the most influential industrial consortia, which is developing requirements for collaboration and security in the Internet used by industry. Infineon is supporting the development of globally-oriented integrative production technology.
We assume that generally applicable standards will help implement secure networking of production technology across the board.

The Trusted Computing Group (TCG) is a non-profit organization which defines, develops and promotes open and vendor-independent global industry standards for compatible trusted computing platforms. Infineon is one of the founding members and has been contributing its expertise to the development of standards via various working groups since 2003. In its role as chairman of the TCG, and as the first company to offer a product with the new TPM 2.0 Standard, Infineon has a major influence on a market that extends from conventional PC applications to the IoT.

Infineon is board member of the FIDO Alliance, which now has more than 150 well-known members. FIDO promotes improved authentication technologies in order to improve security and usability in login processes in the connected world. Infineon plays an active role in drawing up specifications and standards, while at the same time offering specific reference designs on the basis of hardware-based security controllers.

Platform Industry 4.0 has over 250 participants from more than 100 organisations, by thus forming the largest Industrie 4.0 network worldwide. Infineon is an experienced user of and a supplier for Industrie 4.0 technology, at the same time. Being a member of the steering committee and in several working groups, Infineon contributes actively bringing sustainable success to the fourth industrial revolution.

Created in early 2015 following a suggestion from the then European Commissioner Neelie Kroes, the ECIL workgroup brings together selected industry experts from across Europe to advise the European Commission on its cybersecurity strategy. In January 2016, ECIL presented its first report “Recommendations on Cybersecurity for Europe” to Günther H. Oettinger, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society.

ECSO is an industry-led organisation founded in June 2016. The main objective of ECSO is to support all types of initiatives or projects that aim to develop, promote, encourage European cybersecurity. This includes in particular the support to develop the European cybersecurity market and the growth of a competitive European cybersecurity and ICT industry. Members are  large European companies, start-ups, research centres, universities, clusters and association as well as well as local, regional and national public administrations. Infineon, as a member, takes an active role in the development of European-level cybersecurity guidelines.

Thomas Fitzek, Vice President Marketing of Chip Card & Security Division of Infineon, has been elected Director of the Association Board of ECSO. 

With increasing societal safety needs induced by the connected world, security solutions must be end-to-end, easy to implement, transparent and tailored to the applications’ economical requirements.

The Infineon Security Partner Network is a place for security players to deliver security solutions to providers of connected devices and applications. This network conveniently enables you to understand security needs in the context of their application and offers tailored support for the implementation and deployment of security solutions. It supports the use of hardware-based security as trust anchors for connected devices.

The more informal Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI) was launched by the European Commission (EC) and various key players in IoT in 2015. The goal is the creation of a dynamic IoT ecosystem to unleash the potentials of IoT. The formal foundation of the AIOTI Association will now ensure sustainability by assisting the EC in the preparation of future IoT research as well as innovation and standardization policies. Infineon concluded to actively contribute to those activities by becoming one of the first members of this association