Electric Drives for Hybrid Electric and Electric Cars

Infineon offers products suited to all types of electric drive. These include power semiconductors for switching current and voltage, microcontrollers and sensors as well as power modules. The semiconductor solutions for hybrid and electric vehicles provide exceptional quality and reliability.

Great system expertise enables Infineon to offer complete chip sets for optimal performance while reducing overall system cost.

Converters rank among the most important components for the electric drive. These DC-DC converters are responsible for efficient conversion of the high voltage in a battery (100 – 400 volts or more) into the low voltage (12 volts) needed for electronic components. Infineon offers DC-DC converters in all current intensity and voltage categories. These also include the CoolMOS™ series for high voltages and OptiMOS™ for low voltages.

DC-AC converters, so-called inverters, not only drive the electric motor but transmit braking energy back into the battery. In the process the direct current of the battery is converted into alternating current that drives the motor windings. The more effective this conversion is, the longer the electric car can drive on one “tank” of battery current.

Infineon currently uses transistors with up to 650V and 800A for the inverters. Modules of the HybridPACK™ product family, in which the transistors are already coupled, provide full coverage from 10kW for hybrid vehicles up to 100 kW for pure electric cars. For higher performance the company draws on its experience in the industrial sector, where it offers IGBT-Modules for up to 6500V and 3600A.

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