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Hardware components enriched with software and services

Challenging government identification projects call for a deep understanding of security needs that extends beyond security chips to cover all solution layers in the ecosystem.

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One-stop, ready-to-go solutions

Our fully certified solution bundles combine the market’s most advanced chip card controllers with optimized software from our trusted partners. Their bundled strengths will speed your time-to-market and business success without you having to invest heavily in development effort or human resources.


To meet your varied and complex needs, we offer native and Java partner Operating Systems as well as inlay or electronic cover solutions in combination with well-proven secured supply chains.


Solutions beyond controllers – for today’s eID challenges

We have a long-standing track record in the successful delivery of bundled solutions for electronic identification projects worldwide. German, American and many other governments rely on our solutions in high volumes for their eID documents.



Product Brief

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Application Brochure

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Product Selection Guide

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LDS 2.0 – the future of electronic passports


In 2016, the 4th generation of electronic passports becomes reality and includes LDS 2.0 technology. LDS 2.0 enables such use cases as online visa download, eGate use for visa holders and automated reading of travel records. All requirements of LDS 2.0 are supported by Infineon’s product portfolio, today. Watch this video to learn more and get on track with LDS 2.0.

Length 3:27

Mobile ID - The future of easy and secure identification


Mobile identification is on the march. It enables a wide range of mobile services at your convenience. At the same time it needs safeguard of your vulnerable privacy more than ever. This demo is about how to book a car with your mobile ID, showing the prozess of identification, authentication and authorization.

Length 5:15


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