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Because of the increasing demand for data exchange in modern vehicles, the automotive industry implemented networks like CAN (Controller Area Network), LIN (Local Interconnect Network) and FlexRay protocol-based bus systems. In the future, cars will have more electronic control units (ECUs) which will feature an even higher level of functionality. Therefore, the importance of in-vehicle networking devices increases due to the larger quantity of data exchanged between the ECUs. As a result the automotive industry newly established the CAN FD (Flexible Data-rate) protocol for faster CAN communication up to 5Mbit/s and CAN PN (Partial Networking) for improved energy efficiency.


Infineon is offering a broad product portfolio of automotive transceivers for these different automotive bus segments, that are perfectly suited for the harsh automotive environment and are designed to meet and even exceed the latest ESD and EMC requirements.


Dependent on the respective vehicle network architecture and the related ECU supply path, different transceiver types are used. Infineon Transceivers ensure reliable in-vehicle communication and help minimizing the current consumption and the related CO 2-emissions at the vehicle level. The Infineon Transceiver products provide the best value by its high performance, ruggedness and reliability.




Key Features:


  • Broad product portfolio
  • Outstanding ESD robustness
  • Excellent EMC performance
  • low quiescent currents
  • Worldwide OEM approval
  • Highest quality
  • Transceiver family concept
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Application Brochure

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8.3 MB 21 Nov 2016 01_00


Board Familie Beschreibung Status
KIT_AK_SMALL_ENGINE High/Low Side Switch, Microcontroller, Motor Driver, Transceiver The Starter Kit for 1- / 2-Cylinder Combustion Engines includes: Small Engine Control Unit, MECTRONIK MECLAB™ configuration and calibration software, U-Connect XC2704 Interface Board USB-CAN and Cable Harness
  • BTS3410
  • KP254
  • TLE4253
  • TLE6250
  • TLE8080
  • TLE8444
  • XC2733
LIN-DEMOBOARD Transceiver Demoboard suitable for all Infineon LIN Transceiver Products in DSO-8 package: TLE7257SJ, TLE7258SJ, TLE7259-3GE
  • flexible
  • to be populated / placed
active and preferred
TLE8457 LIN LDO BOARD Transceiver, System Basis Chip (SBC) LIN LDO Demoboard suitable for evaluation of Infineon LIN LDO TLE8457x in DSO-8 and tiny TSON-8 package
  • flexible
  • to be populated / placed
active and preferred
DSO-8 CAN BOARD Transceiver CAN Transceiver Demoboard suitable for all common DSO-8 and TSON-8 CAN / CAN FD Transceivers e.g.: TLE9250SJ/LE, TLE9250VSJ/VLE, TLE9250XSJ/XLE/ TLE9251VSJ/VLE
  • flexible
  • to be populated / placed
active and preferred

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