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CoolSiC™ Schottky  

CoolSiC™ Schottky Diode

CoolSiC™ schottky diodes deliver market leading efficiency at attractive cost point. It has been optimized from all key aspects including junction structure, substrate and die attach. It represents a well-balanced product family which offers state-of-the-art performance and high surge capability at competitive cost level.

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Highpower Thyristors & Diodes


650V Rapid 1 and Rapid 2 Si Power Diodes

Infineon'shighly efficient, fast recovery 650V Rapid 1 and Rapid 2 silicon diode families combine ultrathin wafer manufacturing expertise for a low loss vertical structure plus unique cell design - the Rapid diodes provide outstanding performance. The devices complement Infineon’s existing high power 600V and 650V diode portfolio by filling the gap between silicon carbide (SiC) diodes and emitter-controlled diodes to address the ultrafast and hyperfast power silicon diode markets.

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Application Notes

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Product Information

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Product Brief

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Product Brochure

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Application Brochure

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Additional Product Information

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Product Selection Guide

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Board Familie Beschreibung Status
REF-15W THINPAK ADAPTER Diode (Si, SiC), MOSFET, Power Controller (PWM, PFC) 15W 5V USB adapter reference board
  • BAS21-03W
  • BSC067N06LS3G
  • ICE2QS03G
  • IPL65R1K5C6S
active and preferred
EVAL_600W_12V_LLC_C7 Gate Driver, MOSFET, Power Controller (PWM, PFC) 600W DCDC/LLC stage, 400V/12V DC, 97.8% peak efficiency
  • IPP60R180C7, BSC010N04LS, 2EDL05N06PF, ICE2HS01G, ICE2QR2280Z, 2EDN7524F
active and preferred
KIT_600W_LLC_DI_CTRL MOSFET, Gate Driver, Microcontroller Adapter-Kit to replace the analog control card by a digital version
  • Silicon transistor (BC846PN)
  • Voltage regulator (IFX91041EJV33)
  • XMC™ microcontroller (XMC4200-Q48K256AB)
active and preferred
EVAL_3KW_2LLC_C7_20 Gate Driver, Microcontroller, MOSFET 3.0kW Dual LLC Evaluation Board
  • 1EDI60N12AF
  • 2EDN7524R
  • 2N7002
  • BAS 52-02V BAT165
  • BSC093N15NS5
  • BSS316N
  • ICE2QR2280Z
  • IFX1763XEJ V33
  • IFX1763XEJ V50
  • IPP60R040C7
  • XMC4400-F64K512AB
active and preferred

Simulation Tool

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811 B 01 Apr 2016 01_00
811 B 01 Apr 2016 01_00

Simulation Models

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3 KB 23 Jun 2015 01_00
3 KB 23 Jun 2015 01_00
Infineon's New 650V Rapid Diode Families

Infineon's New 650V Rapid Diode Families

Infineon’s new Rapid 1 and 2 power silicon diodes complement the existing high power 600V/650V diodes, filling the gap between the SiC diodes and emitter-controlled diodes. The new hyper- and ultra-fast diode families offer outstanding efficiency and reliability and perfectly balance cost and performance. The additional 50V provide higher reliability without efficiency being penalized.

Length 4:07
Infineon's New 650V Rapid 1 Diode

Infineon's New 650V Rapid 1 Diode

Infineon`s Rapid 1 diode family, with 1.35V temperature-stable forward voltage (V F), ensures the lowest conduction losses and by means of soft recovery keeps EMI emissions to a minimum. They are perfectly suited for Power Factor Correction (PFC) topologies, typically found in major home appliances, like air conditioners and washing machines, as well as boost stages in photovoltaic inverters.

Length 4:13
Infineon's New 650V Rapid 2 Diode

Infineon's New 650V Rapid 2 Diode

The Rapid 2 diode family is designed for applications switching between 40 kHz and 100 kHz by offering low reverse recovery charge (Q rr) and time (t rr) to minimize the reverse conduction times attributed to the power switch turn-on losses and thus providing maximum efficiency.

Length 4:09

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