Power transmission and distribution

Find efficient and reliable custom-made power semiconductor solutions

Year after year the global demand for energy grows. This longstanding upward path is a result of the Earth’s rising population along with increasing per capita power consumption as more and more people enjoy a higher standard of living. The situation’s implications should not be underestimated. That’s why it’s essential to ensure the suitable power transmission and distribution systems are in place today. Especially in regions where energy production sites are located far away from the epicenters of energy consumption.

Tomorrow’s market forces

Giving the status quo, the power transmission and power quality markets are likely to be shaped by a host of factors in the years ahead, such as:

  • Rising demand for clean energy
  • Expanding and interconnecting of grid infrastructures
  • Gradually replacing and upgrading of aging grid infrastructure
  • Making AC grids more efficient to fulfill future demands

Achieving all this – a pre-requisite for meeting the world’s skyrocketing energy demands – requires new approaches and new technologies. Infineon is ready to help you take on the biggest challenges of our time in the power transmission and distribution sector. Whether your design requires power semiconductor solutions for HVDC systems or FACTS, discover how our broad portfolio of innovative high power discs and IGBT modules for power transmission and distribution can help you reliably energize the future.