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Infineon Designer

Infineon Designer is a digital prototyping engine that makes it easy for engineers to simulate, modify and evaluate circuits based on Infineon devices. It is a powerful online SPICE and digital simulator with a sophisticated circuit and  waveform viewer to help you quickly fine-tune designs with simulation.

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Light Desk

With "Infineon Light Desk" you can quickly design an individual LED driver circuit.

This Design Tool also enables you to simulate your new design. It is also possible to modify the external component specifications with the redesign option. The result section generates a summary of the application schematic, the simulation data and the bill of material incl. transformer details.

AC/DC offline, DC/DC LED Drivers and linear current sources are supported.

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IPOSIM is the Infineon Power Simulation program.

It offers loss and thermal calculation of Infineon power modules and disk devices.This Power Simulation program helps you to find the right Infineon bipolar modules or disk devices for your rectifier, AC switch applications, suited IGBT modules for your inverter or DC converter applications.

  • Rectifier (B2, B6, M3.2 and M6)
  • AC switch (W1C, W3C)
  • Suited IGBT modules  for inverter (single and three pase in 2-Level and 3-Level)
  • DC converter (buck and boost)



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