Ventures News: MediaQ Controller Chip Enhances Visual Experience on Toshiba Pocket PC e330 Series

29.01.2003 | Wirtschaftspresse

MQ-1132 Controller Delivers 64-bit Graphics Acceleration, USB Connections and Audio Interface for Multimedia Companion

SANTA CLARA, Calif., January 29, 2002 - MediaQ, Inc. today announced that the MQ1132Multimedia Platform Controller is a key component in the new Pocket PC e330 Series from Toshiba's Computer Systems Group. The Toshiba Pocket PC e330, introduced at the end of October 2002 and priced at $349, is the follow-up to the very successful Toshiba e310 Series. All devices use MediaQ's MQ-1132 to control a high-resolution color screen with 64-bit 2D graphics acceleration, enhancing the end-user experience with high- performance multimedia applications.

The MQ-1132 drives a 3.5-inch reflective-TFT color screen with support for 240x320 resolution and 65,536 colors. MediaQ's controller directly interfaces to the LCD, which eliminates the need for an external timing chip. This helps make the new Toshiba Pocket PC more affordable, while reducing system power consumption.

"MediaQ's MQ-1132 controller adds value to the Pocket PC e330 on many levels, including outstanding graphics display, increased power-savings, and reduced manufacturing costs," said Oscar Koenders, vice president of product marketing and worldwide product planning, Toshiba CSG. "Just as MediaQ's device has been a contributor to the success of the Pocket PC e310, we expect it will also help make the new Pocket PC e330 very appealing to end users."

"Toshiba's Pocket PC e310, e330 series has been one of the best selling product lines in the handheld market because it combines outstanding performance with value pricing, and leading-edge industrial design" said Manish Singh, VP of Product Marketing at MediaQ Inc. "By delivering real multimedia experience, the MQ-1132 controller helps make the Pocket PC e330 more attractive to buyers."

The Toshiba Pocket PC relies on MQ-1132 for several critical features besides graphics, including a USB client interface and SPI interface for touch screen control. MediaQ's proprietary power management features enhance battery life on the Pocket PC e330. An AC97 audio interface enables users to enjoy their favorite MP3 files through a rich, stereo sound system.

Toshiba Pocket PC e330

The Pocket PC e330 Series is a powerful new handheld device that lets users do more for less. The product builds upon the award-winning Pocket PC e310 and is competitively priced at $349. Packed with a faster processor, increased memory and familiar Microsoft productivity and multimedia applications, the Pocket PC e330 Series is designed for users looking for additional features beyond simple calendar and address functionality, without paying a high premium. Product Specifications include: Intel® PXA250 processor with Intel XScaleTM technology at 300MHz; Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 operating system; 64MB RAM; SD expansion card slot.

MediaQ's MQ-1132 Platform Controller

MediaQ's MQ-1100/1132 platform controller family sets the standard for providing a rich user interface on next generation handheld devices that enable multimedia applications and data services delivered over the wireless Internet.

The MediaQ MQ-1132 Platform Controller redefines the end-user experience on handheld computers that utilize the Palm and Pocket PC operating systems. It targets handheld systems that demand extended battery-life without compromising system performance.

To help ease system design and integration challenges for OEMs, the devices support glueless interface to popular CPU architectures. Supported microprocessors include the Motorola Dragonball series, Intel SA-1110 and XScale series, the Hitachi SH-7750 and SH-7709 and the NEC VR-41xx family processors. The MQ-1132 is also compliant with 32-bit PCI.

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