Ventures News: MediaQ Supports NEC Electronics' Low-power, High-speed Mobile Display Interface

03.02.2003 | Wirtschaftspresse

New Type of Serial Interface Reduces Physical Size, EMI Noise, and Power Consumption in Mobile Devices

KAWASAKI, Japan, Santa Clara, CA, Feb. 03, 2003 - NEC Electronics Corporation and MediaQ, Inc. jointly announced an agreement under which MediaQ will fully support MOBILE CMADS, a serial interface for mobile display screens recently developed by NEC Electronics. MOBILE CMADS, an acronym for Mobile Current Mode Advanced Differential Signaling, optimizes display performance and lowers power consumption in handheld devices such as PDAs and mobile phones. MediaQ supports MOBILE CMADS in the MQ-1188 Multimedia Platform Controller as well as other devices slated for future release.

MOBILE CMADS has a serial interface structure, which reduces the number of signal outputs from a display panel by approximately 80 percent compared to existing parallel interfaces. This allows system designers to downsize devices and reduce material cost. EMI noise is also reduced by 90 percent compared to parallel interfaces. MOBILE CMADS consumes 65 percent less power than conventional high-speed serial interfaces, which are designed for large LCD panels with built-in power supplies.

"As the industry's leading provider of multimedia controllers for smart devices, MediaQ can give momentum to the success of MOBILE CMADS interfaces in the marketplace", stated Kazumichi Aoki, general manager of 5th System LSI Division, 2nd Business Development Operations Unit, NEC Electronics Corporation.

"MediaQ's OEM customers around the globe will really benefit from this exciting new display interface technology from NEC," said Manish Singh, VP of Marketing, MediaQ, Inc. "Implemented with a simple controller circuit, which makes it highly versatile and easy to use, the MOBILE CMADS interface reduces material costs, system size and weight, and power consumption."

NEC Electronics is a leading company in the field of driver ICs and commands one of the world's largest shares in the large-size LCD driver IC market. The company is currently putting its energies into the rapidly growing mobile display field, which it considers highly promising. The company plans to further strengthen development of driver ICs for mobile displays that use the advantages of MOBILE CMADS in order to maintain and reinforce its position in this field.

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