Ventures News: Corrent Shows One-Chip VPN, Firewall

09.05.2003 | Wirtschaftspresse

SAN FRANCISCO -- Setting a new standard in network security technology, Corrent Corporation today announced it is the first security processing company to deliver multifunctional capability on a single card. The availability of Corrent’s new S3500, a multi-gigabit Virtual Private Network (VPN)/Firewall (FW) PCI Card, catapults this premier provider of high-performance security IC’s and boards into a leadership position in the security processing space. Initial benchmarking tests show the S3500 has achieved nearly 3Gbps of Firewall and VPN performance. This record-setting performance level is only one of the many benefits that result from the integrated design introduced in the S3500.

"Up until now, only single-function security cards have been available. Recognizing the need for better-performing and more comprehensive security solutions, our team set out to develop a card that would integrate multiple security off-load functions. The result was a truly unique multifunction solution that has surpassed all performance standards and offers OEMs incredible value," said Richard Takahashi, CEO of Corrent. "We are pioneering the development of single solutions that offer multifunction capabilities and are committed to continually raising the performance and integration standard."

Corrent’s S3500 security card unlocks the potential for network security servers to deliver advanced Firewall and VPN services. The new PCI card features Corrent’s award-winning CR7120 security processor and IBM’s NP4GS3 network processor, which greatly improves system performance by completely offloading IPsec and firewall functionality. The solution’s PCI form factor allows for easy integration of VPN/Firewall functionality into legacy and new networking/server systems. In addition, its 3xGigE Ports provide flexible connectivity for several different configurations.

Moreover, the S3500 is the latest release in Corrent’s Secturion family of security processing cards. The Secturion line of cards is well known in the industry for enabling network OEMs to cost-effectively optimize the performance of their systems by off-loading the security processing from host CPU. Among the features found in the Secturion family of cards are a full suite of cryptographic algorithms; DES, 3DES, AES, RC4 encryption and support for public key and IKE acceleration. In addition, cards are UL & FCC Class A certified.