Jungo to Deliver OpenRG for CableHome, a Complete Software Solution for CableHome> (tm)> 1.0 Compliant Devices

06.05.2002 | Wirtschaftspresse

San Jose, Calif., May 6, 2002 - Jungo Software Technologies, a leading provider of residential gateway software and technologies, today announced that it will deliver a CableHome compliant software suite, which enables cable modem and router manufacturers to bring to market a CableHome certified device. CableLabs' CableHome 1.0 introduces the specification that enables cable operators to provide consumers with a secure, high-quality home networking system that is easy to install, use, and maintain, and defines the minimum set of industry requirements for residential gateways. Jungo's OpenRG software platform will comply with the specifications that are intended to help accelerate the move to intelligent, self-configuring, easy-to-use cable devices for the connected home. The first production-ready reference design will be available during Q3, 2002.

"System OEMs that serve the cable MSO community are seeing significant interest in adding networking capabilities to the service provider's client devices, both to fulfill the growing demand for broadband sharing as well as to open up new revenue streams from connectivity based services," said Mike Wolf, Director of In-Stat/MDR's Enterprise and Residential Communications Research. "OpenRG for CableHome 1.0 is a way for system developers to build service gateways that are compliant with the emerging cable MSO specification, both in less time and at reduced cost."

"By offering a CableHome 1.0 compliant software suite, Jungo is ensuring that it continues to provide its customers with the most comprehensive and progressive development platform for broadband access devices available in the market," said Ofer Vilenski, CEO and President of Jungo. "Our customers will now be able to quickly develop interoperable, managed home networking products for the cable market, while reducing costs, development time and system complexity."

The CableLabs' CableHome project aims at creating architecture for vendors to develop interoperable products for the benefit of the cable operator and its subscribers. The specification is designed for the residential gateway device called the Home Access (HA) device, which acts as the single entry point into the home. CableHome 1.0 specification provides information about management and provisioning protocols, initialization and configuration processes, manageable parameters, QoS, security and Network Address Translation (NAT) for CableHome-compliant devices.

OpenRG for CableHome 1.0 will offer the following:

Operating system support
Network Interfaces
WAN: DOCSIS, Ethernet, Wireless LAN 802.11a/b, USB RNDIS
LAN: Ethernet, Wireless LAN 802.11a/b/ USB RNDIS, Bluetooth, HomePNA, HomeRF
CableHome Management Portal (CMP)
Configuration database (PS Database)
SNMP and DHCP provisioning mode
Event reporting via SNMP TRAP and SYSLOG
CableHome Management Portal (CMP)
Configuration database (PS Database)
SNMP and DHCP provisioning mode
Event reporting via SNMP TRAP
Provisioning tools
Time of Day (TOD) client
Bulk Portal Services Configuration (BPSC)
CableHome Security Portal (CSP)
Kerberos/PKINIT (PacketCable: PKT-SP-SEC- I04-010820(
X.509 certificates (RFC 2459)
Secure management messaging via SNMP v3 (RFC 2574)
Secure software download via TFTP
Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI)
Denial of Services (DOS) and defense against common hacker attack
Application Level Gateway modules (ALGs) - FTP, H323, VPN, Streaming Media and Gaming
CableHome Address Portal (CAP)
Transparent IGMP and IP Multicast Bridging (RFC 2236)
C-NAT, C-NAPT, Passthrough, Mixed Bridging/Routing
Upstream Selective Forwarding Switch (USFS)
CableHome DHCP Portal (CDP)
CableHome DHCP Server (RFC 2131/2132)
CableHome DHCP Client (RFC 2131/2132)
Multiple IPs for the WAN device
CableHome Naming Portal (CNP)
DNS Server (RFC 1034/1035)
CableHome QoS Portal (CQP)
Transparent bridge for PacketCable QoS messages (PacketCable: PKT-CODEC/PKT-DQoS)
CableHome Test Portal (CTP)
Connection Speed Tool (via UDP)
Ping Tool (via ICMP)
HTTP server and a web based management with an intuitive user interface
Additional OpenRG Modules:
VPN: PPTP Client/Sever, IPSec, IKE
CPU support: MIPS, ARM, x86, PowerPC
Small footprint: 8MB RAM, 2MB Flash
Support for embedded and standalone solutions
* VxWorks support will be offered in upcoming versions.

About Jungo

Jungo Software Technologies develops the OpenRG residential gateway software platform that enables Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to bring broadband customer premises equipment (CPE) such as residential gateways, SOHO gateways and IADs to market quickly. Jungo also provides software development tools for embedded systems and telephony applications, which have millions of installations in the market to date. Jungo is a privately held company with corporate offices in San Jose, California and an R&D center in Israel. Founded in 1998, Jungo is backed by strong venture funding, as well as strategic investors including Infineon Ventures and Intel Communications Fund. Find out more at www.jungo.com/openrg.

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