RiverOne Releases INTERACTIVE Version 5.0 to Further Improve Visibility, Communication across Outsourced Hi-Tech Supply Chains

28.05.2002 | Wirtschaftspresse

Westlake Village, Calif. * May 28, 2002 * RiverOne Inc., which provides supply chain software and services to the electronics manufacturing industry, announced today the release of version 5.0 of its INTERACTIVE solutions suite. The suite introduces significant additional functionality to improve inventory visibility and utilization, a new module for administering bills of material (BOMs), expanded support for RosettaNet standards and other customer-driven features designed to address the pervasive communication and information-management challenges found in multi-tier, outsourced supply chains.

RiverOne's INTERACTIVE solutions allow buy-side and sell-side organizations, as well as third-party supply chain participants, to connect, visualize business information and "interact" (i.e., initiate and respond to change events) in real-time. These solutions also enable trading partners to aggregate and analyze detailed transaction histories to identify opportunities for improving supply chain performance. The new release expands the range of information that can be shared and allows for broader visibility across distributed supply chain relationships.

"The expanded INTERACTIVE suite automates a greater range of collaborative business processes and enables organizations to better aggregate, analyze and act upon mission-critical supply chain information," said Chris Smith, RiverOne's executive vice president. "For example, by improving inventory, order and forecast visibility across trading partners, these solutions support prevalent outsourced-manufacturing use cases, such as build-to-order environments, direct-ship models, vendor-managed inventory programs and other replenishment initiatives."

Offered in the customer's choice of hosted or licensed model, RiverOne's version 5.0 INTERACTIVE suite introduces the following additions and upgrades:

* New BOM Manager module: Improves sourcing and procurement activities across multi-tier relationships by allowing manufacturers to easily create and share bills of material in flexible configurations, including indented BOMs and consolidated part views. BOM Manager also maintains a transaction history for reporting and analysis purposes.

* New Extended Inventory Visibility (EIV) module: Allows users to search inventory across multiple locations and display all identical or interchangeable parts in a single desktop window. EIV overcomes the barriers of disparate part numbering schemas and information systems to improve inventory visibility and allow manufacturers to easily resolve shortages by reallocating suitable components from other manufacturing or stocking locations.

* Expanded monitoring and control options: New Executive Summary dashboard provides a snapshot for senior management of an organization's supply chain activities and transaction histories, as well as forecast and inventory liabilities.

* Improved RosettaNet support: Additional support for RosettaNet PIPs, plus new RosettaNet Technical Dictionary (RNTD), Global Trade Identification (GTIN) and user-defined taxonomies allow trading partners to improve inventory visibility and simplify data analysis.

* Richer, configurable performance metrics: Upgraded "SCOR-carding" metrics allow companies to monitor the historical performance of their own organization and their supply chain partners. Users can drill down to the transaction level to troubleshoot and resolve supply chain bottlenecks.

INTERACTIVE solutions are designed to work directly with each organization's current Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM) and legacy software. RiverOne's connectivity technology supports all current and emerging communication standards, including XML, EDI and RosettaNet, acting as a universal translator to bridge the gaps among the disparate data systems and formats used by multiple supply chain partners.

About RiverOne

RiverOne provides supply chain software and services for the electronics manufacturing industry to automate outsourcing business processes. RiverOne's INTERACTIVE solutions offer improved visibility and control of multi-tier supply chain processes and allow trading partners to communicate "outside the four walls" in real-time. Using their existing data systems and formats, organizations can instantly connect to their supply chain partners, visualize information, interact and manage change.

RiverOne solutions synchronize the flow of direct materials along distributed supply chains and enable partners to achieve alignment of their order management, collaborative planning and inventory management activities. In particular, these solutions support competitive manufacturing strategies (e.g., build-to-order, configure-to-order) and replenishment programs (vendor-managed inventory, consigned inventory, Kanban), and help companies optimize inventory levels, reduce procurement costs and increase customer satisfaction.