Webraska SmartZone Geospatial Platform to power real-time tracking of mountain-bike contestants, medical teams and TV vehicles across the week-long BIKE TransAlp Challenge

24.07.2002 | Wirtschaftspresse

Paris, France - July 24, 2002

Webraska, the worldwide provider of location-based services (LBS) and telematics applications and enabling platforms is providing the core geospatial and mapping technologies for the BIKE TransAlp Challenge 2002 (July 20-27, 2002). The geospatial platform is used in the m.traction Resource Control solution, the Mobile Tracking Service offered by Siemens mobile, one of the sponsors of the event.

"700-plus bikers fighting their way across 580km of gruelling mountain terrain attracts a huge amount of interest from around the world" said Eva Remerie, Vice President Business Development at Siemens mobile. "Supporters want to be able to track their teams minute-by-minute from start to finish." Webraska, has provided a robust geospatial platform which meets the comprehensive functional requirements of m.traction Resource Control.

"The application developed by Siemens is one of the most exciting uses of our geospatial technology to-date", said Jean-Michel Durocher, CEO of Webraska. "Webraska is particularly proud that our technology helps to provide entertainment to the fans while enhancing the safety of all involved."

The route of the BIKE TransAlp Challenge extends through the western part of the central Alps. Siemens' mobile data service uses a combination of GPS and GSM technologies. A total of seven teams have been provided with the relevant devices (Siemens GPService Pilot and M50). The particular position of the racer can be pinpointed via satellite at regular intervals with a precision of 10 metres, and relayed to a central server. From this server, the location of the teams can be displayed on a zoomable, scalable map via a web interface.

Standard browsers and zoom functions enable the entire route from Mittenwald to Riva del Garda to be shown on the screen. The tracking covers the lead and tail motorbikes, competitors, doctors, rescue teams and a TV vehicle. For mobile internet access, the organizers and the TV team will use Siemens mobile products - the Siemens SL4 cordlessweb pad, and the new Siemens M50 mobile phone, which connects to the internet via GPRS, thus permitting fast access to mobile data services.

A more detailed description of the BIKE TransAlp challenge and access to the tracking interface is available on http://www.transalp.upsolutmv.com/en/news/ and http://www.my-siemens.com/mtb

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About The SmartZone Geospatial Platform

The Webraska SmartZone GeoSpatial Platform, used alone or combined with Webraska's SmartZone Application Platform, enables the provision of feature-rich location-based services and telematics applications through the industry's most comprehensive set of navigation, route optimization, mapping, enhanced spatial searching, geocoding and reverse geocoding functions via XML and Java APIs. Platform architecture is fully redundant and can be scaled to handle requests from millions of active subscribers. Webraska's SmartZone Geospatial Platform can be deployed on the customers premises or hosted by Webraska on their behalf. Solaris, Linux and Windows operating systems are supported.

Webraska has played an active role in the definition of the OGC/ Open LS standard for geospatial middleware and will be among the first companies in the world to deliver a fully standards-compliant platform in the second half of 2002.

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Webraska provides the advanced software solutions required to develop, integrate and deploy location-based and telematic services. Webraska's carrier-grade offering includes the SmartZone(tm) Geospatial Platform(tm), the SmartZone(tm) LBS Application Platform, the patented and award-winning car navigation solution, IbDN® Lite, and over 30 other ready-to-deploy market-proven applications such as maps and directions, traffic alerts, yellow pages, BuddyFinder and m-Vite.

Webraska has headquarters in Silicon Valley and in France, and offices around the world. The company currently powers the LBS and telematics offering of service providers in four continents, including Shell Mobile, E-Plus, Pacific Access, Orange, Telecom Italia Mobile, and Viag Interkom, and has partnerships with leading technology providers including Borg, Ericsson, IBM, Nortel and Openwave.

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