sTOLL – new 7x8 mm² power MOS package
Perfect choice for future automotive applications up to 250 A

Package dimensions

Package Dimensions

Body Length: 6.7mm
Body Width: 7mm
Min. Terminal Pitch: 1.3mm 

Click here for a detailed information on the sToll Package PG-HSOF-5-1.


Related products

Product name Status Voltage (V) RDS(on) (max) [mΩ]  ID (max) [A] 
IAUA200N04S5N010 active and preferred 40 1.0 200
IAUA180N04S5N012 active and preferred 40 1.2 180
IAUA120N04S5N014 active and preferred 40 1.4 120
IAUA250N04S6N006 on request 40 0.6 250
IAUA250N04S6N007 on request 40 0.7 250

Application Diagram: 40 V sTOLL in an EPS system

Key applications