Talk about Passenger Cars with Gunjot Kaur

Talk with Gunjot Kaur

In this episode, join our host, Chris Brow, for an exciting car ride as he picks up Gunjot Kaur, Product Marketing Head for Automotive High-Voltage Modules at Infineon.

As the video unfolds, Chris and Gunjot engage in a lively conversation centered around Infineon's role in shaping the future of passenger cars. Gunjot passionately shares the company's vision, stating, "We believe that zero CO2 becomes real, a driver becomes a passenger and a car becomes a smarter car.”
Throughout the ride, they delve into the innovative technologies and solutions that Infineon is working on to drive the transformation of mobility. From enabling the zero-emission trend to transforming driving experiences with advanced autonomous capabilities, Infineon is paving the way for a clean, safe, and smart mobility ecosystem.

Join Chris and Gunjot as they explore Infineon's forward-thinking strategies that will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on the future of mobility – transforming the way we travel and interact with vehicles.

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