Annual Document

Pursuant to Sec. 10 of the German Securities Prospectus Act (Wertpapierprospektgesetz, WpPG), issuers of securities are required to annually provide a document containing or referring to all information published or otherwise made available to the general public in the previous financial year due to specific national and international capital market law regulations. In the fiscal year 2010/2011, Infineon Technologies AG published the information available under the following hyperlinks.

Not all of the information in the annual document or the information referred to therein has to be provided in English under German law. Therefore only the German version of the annual document is legally binding while the English translation is for convenience only.

Ad-hoc News (Sec. 15 WpHG)

Directors' Dealings (Sec. 15a WpHG)

Notification of changes in the proportion of voting rights (Sec. 26 WpHG)

Financial Reports

Further Information

Disclosures required under U.S. securities laws

Until April 24, 2009, Infineon Technologies AG’s shares were listed on the New York stock exchange. On August 6, 2010, Infineon Technology AG applied for deregistration of Infineon’s ordinary shares under the U.S. Securities Exchange Act. Until application for deregistration Infineon Technologies AG was obliged to file its financial reports and other documents with the “ Securities and Exchange Commission” (SEC).

These SEC-filings are available at the following link:

As a result of the filing for deregistration, Infineon’s disclosure obligations pursuant to the Exchange Act ended.

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Please note that the information this Annual Document contains or refers to may be outdated. There is no obligation of Infineon Technologies AG to update the information.

Neither this annual document, nor information contained therein including information referred to, constitute an offer or the solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any securities.

Neubiberg, December 20, 2011
Infineon Technologies AG