Dividend Information

Dividend History

Dividend for fiscal year Dividend per share
2010 €0.10
2011 €0.12
2012 €0.12
2013 €0.12
2014 €0.18
2015 €0.20
2016 €0.22
2017 €0.25
2018 €0.27

Paying agent within the meaning of sec. 48 (1) no. 4 German Security Trading Act (WpHG) is UniCredit Bank AG with its branches.

Dividend Policy

In recent years, Infineon has increased the dividend in several steps, from € 0.10 per share for the 2010 fiscal year to € 0.25 per share for the 2017 fiscal year. In light of favorable business developments over the past fiscal year and the positive outlook for the 2019 fiscal year, a proposal has been made to shareholders at the Annual General Meeting 2019 to increase the dividend for the 2018 fiscal year by a further 2 cents to € 0.27 per share. This proposal has been approved by the Annual General Meeting.

Infineon's dividend policy is to allow shareholders to participate appropriately in growing earnings or, in times of flat or declining earnings, to at least maintain the dividend at a constant level.

Dividend Rights

Any distribution of dividends jointly proposed by our management and supervisory boards requires the approval of our shareholders in a general meeting. Shareholders participate in profit distributions in proportion to the number of shares they hold.

Under German law, our company may declare and pay dividends only from balance sheet profits as they are shown in our company's unconsolidated annual financial statements prepared in accordance with applicable German law. In determining the distributable balance sheet profits, the management board and the supervisory board may allocate to profit reserves up to one half of the annual surplus remaining after allocations to statutory reserves and losses carried forward.

The shareholders, in determining the distribution of profits, may allocate additional amounts to profit reserves and may carry forward profits in part or in full.

Dividends approved at a shareholders' general meeting are payable on the first stock exchange trading day after that meeting, unless otherwise decided at the shareholders' general meeting. If you hold shares that are entitled to dividends in a clearing system, the dividends will be paid according to that clearing system's rules.

We will publish notice of dividends paid and the paying agent or agents that we have appointed in the German Federal Gazette.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Your entitlement is independent of your participation or voting in the Annual General Meeting. Please note, however, that a dividend can only be paid if a majority of shareholders participating in the Annual General Meeting supports a dividend proposal.

The AGM has approved the payment of a dividend of EUR 0.27 per qualifying share for the 2018 fiscal year. The total amount distributed to the shareholders amounts to approximately EUR 305 million.

According to the proposal of the Supervisory Board and Management Board the amount remaining after the dividend payment will be transferred to revenue reserves (Gewinnrücklagen).

Yes, in contrast to prior year dividends, from the dividend for the 2018 fiscal year taxes equal to 26.375% of the dividend amount (25% withholding tax and 5.5% solidarity surcharge thereon) will be withheld. Such withholding tax will not be applied, however, if and to the extent the taxpayer provided a non-filing certificate or an exemption certificate to his/her custodian bank.

Foreign investors also have to check the taxation of the dividend in their country of residence.

Please note that due to the variety and number of shareholders we cannot provide specific tax advice, but only make general statements about the taxation principles. We kindly request that you contact your tax advisor for specific details.

This depends on the share price. Relative to an assumed share price of EUR 17 and based upon a dividend of EUR 0.27 per share the dividend yield is appr. 1.59%.

All Infineon shares that are in your securities account on 21 February 2019, i.e. on the day of the Annual General Meeting that decides upon the proposed dividend, qualify for a dividend.

The decisive accounts are those of Infineon Technologies AG, which have been prepared in accordance with the German Commercial Code (HGB). The balance sheet profit (Bilanzgewinn) shown there is subject to the resolution of the Annual General Meeting.

Provided that the Annual General Meeting on 21 February 2019 decides a dividend, as per the applicable provisions of the German Stock Corporation Act the payment will be effected on 26 February 2019. The ex dividend date will be 22 February 2019.

The dividend will be credited to your bank account on the payment date. You do not have to provide for any specific arrangements.

Please contact your personal/custodian bank.

Normally the individual shareholder’s bank draws up a statement of the dividend paid and informs its customer accordingly. Infineon does not notify the shareholders.

(Status: December 2018)