Corruption Prevention Activities

Infineon does not take part in acts of corruption, or pay bribes or receive kickbacks either and observes the applicable Anti-Corruption laws of the countries in which the company operates. That is why Infineon has a world-wide Compliance Management System in place; in the scope are extensive anti-corruption measures. These include:

UN Global Compact

In addition Infineon is committed to the core values of the UN Global Compact. Therefore we have declared to implement the ten Global Compact principles. The tenth principle obligates enterprises to "work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery”.

Infineon’s Code of Ethics

Business Conduct Guidelines (BCG)

Integrity is Infineon’s guiding principle in dealings with our customers, shareholders, business partners, employees and the general public. The BCG provide an overview of important regulations that are intended to provide support in legal and ethical questions and are focusing in several chapters on Anti Corruption topics.

Global Rule: Anti Corruption Guideline

Guideline Anti-Corruption

This Rule specifies Article 4 (4.3 up to and including 4.5) of the Infineon Business Conduct Guidelines in terms of preventing corruption. In addition, this Rule explains the various forms of corruption and refers to detailed internal regulations and guidelines regarding this topic.

Global Rule: Handling of Gifts and Invitations

Handling of Gifts and Invitations

Benefits to or from business partner often generate questions. This policy explains the key principles for granting or accepting invitations, gifts and other benefits from or to company externals.

Global Rule: Facilitation Payments

In most of the countries where Infineon does business, Facilitation Payments are considered as a form of corruption and are illegal. As part of Infineon’s zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption, Infineon prohibits Facilitation Payments whether or not they are permitted by local or other laws.

Business Partner Due Diligence

To help avoid any potential liability of Infineon for a corrupt conduct by business partners acting on behalf of the company, employees who are planning a business relationship are required to perform an integrity check and to document and repeat it on a regular basis.

Global Rule: Corporate Citizenship and Sponsoring

As Corporate Citizen Infineon may contribute voluntarily to support projects and activities by donations, in-kind giving or employee volunteerism. With this internal rule we give ourselves our own guidelines which activities we want to support.

Principles of Procurement

At Infineon we actively seek suppliers whose objectives are compatible with ours. We at Infineon are committed to the principles defined in our Business Conduct Guidelines in all countries where we do business, taking into account international and local laws and cultural practices. We expect from our suppliers to do the same. These Principles of Procurement, which are aligned with Infineon Technologies Business Conduct Guidelines, shall help our suppliers to meet the ethical and legal requirements in their day-to-day work.

Training: ‚Corruption Prevention‘

To ensure that all our colleagues are aware of corruption risks while doing their business we perform a web based training in regular intervals. Special risk groups will be trained in personal trainings sessions.

Integrity Line

Integrity and compliance with rules is a guiding principle within Infineon. Via the Integrity Line employees and business partners  may report possible compliance violations, e.g. economic crime such as corruption, money laundering, anti-trust or violation of data protection. They can do so worldwide and around the clock. The communication can be done personally or anonymously. Beside this solution a personal contact is available as well.