Corporate Risk Management

Risk and Opportunity Management

Effective risk and opportunities management is a key component in all of our business activities and supports us in our goal of achieving sustainable, profitable growth. The semiconductor business is characterized to a very high degree by periods of rapid growth followed by periods of significant market contraction. Our risks and opportunities are affected by the need for capital investment in order to achieve and sustain our market position as well as the sector’s extraordinarily rapid pace of technological change. Gaining a leading edge through technological innovation also has a legal dimension. In view of the special characteristics of the semiconductor industry, Infineon’s risk policy is aimed at taking advantage of identified opportunities as quickly as possible in the way most appropriate to growing the value of the business. At the same time, existing risks and those associated with opportunities should be actively managed, particularly if they could pose a threat to the going-concern status of any of the Group’s entities. In order to achieve this objective, risk management at Infineon is closely linked to business forecasting and the achievement of business strategies. Ultimate responsibility for risk management lies with the Infineon Management Board.