F. Environmental Protection, Health and Safety

F 1. Environmental Protection

We are dedicated to the protection of the environment. Environmental protection at our Company is an ongoing process of continuous optimization of our environmental management and a comprehensive approach involving communication, research and development of new products, operation of our plants and facilities, as well as education and motivation of the Infineon Employees and our business partners. All products, equipments and materials purchased, plants installed, and services rendered by our subcontractors and suppliers must fulfill our environmental protection requirements.

We strive to restrict the environments impact of our activities to an absolute minimum. Ecological responsibility and economic successes are not contradictory expressions, but rather synergetic approaches in terms of resource use and waste management. We adhere to the general principle that the sustainable effects of our actions relating to environmental protection should take precedence over any short-term advantages. Starting with the development phase of our products and throughout the production processes, we evaluate the possible effects of our activities on the environment and implement measures designed to assure sustainability regarding environmental protection.

We are committed to the establishment of working conditions which prioritize environmental protection. The involvement of each Infineon Employee, in all fields and at all levels, is a decisive factor towards ensuring effective environmental protection. Thus, each Infineon Employee is required to strictly adhere to the environmental regulations applicable to their respective activities. In addition, they must take into account the impact on the environment in their dealings and decisions and avoid or minimize possible environmental pollution.

F 2. Occupational Safety and Health Protection

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all our Infineon Employees. We aim to minimize all risk and hazards at all workplaces in order to protect the health and well-being of Infineon Employees, contractors, and visitors. In this regard we have adopted comprehensive safety and health standards combining environmental protection, occupational safety, fire prevention, and health care. 

Our actions with respect to occupational safety are based on a precautionary approach. Every Infineon Employee is requested to follow the defined actions and processes and to actively contribute to possible improvements in his area of responsibility. Every Infineon Employee is asked to act in a safety-conscious way and will be trained accordingly. 

Occupational safety and health care are subject to continuous learning and subsequent improvements, including adequate health and safety training on a regular basis for Infineon Employees. 

F 3. Product Safety

Our efforts to provide our customers with products and services which fulfill their needs is only surpassed by our commitment to design, manufacture, and market products which are safe, both in terms of intended use and disposability.