Systems to shape the future

Local expertise, global responsibility

Infineon Technologies Austria represents an effective combination of innovative research and high-quality production made possible by a dedicated team of experts. This was and is the basis for the global market success of Infineon semiconductor products. The Infineon Group leverages the many years of experience and local expertise of its subsidiary in Austria, having made it the only site in the Group with worldwide business performance responsibility for eleven product lines.

Characteristic for Austria

Local competences and global research tasks have been developed continually at Infineon Austria in recent years of Energy Efficiency, Mobility and Security. The concept for success includes short development-cycles, the highest quality and a focus on customer-oriented-system solutions with a "from product to system" approach. The content-related focal points include the development of power semiconductors and thin wafer technologies, as well as sensors, micromechanics, new semiconductor materials and contactless security applications.