Latest Press Releases

02/2019      Infineon Linz: Manfred Ruhmer new member of the Management Board pdf

12/2018      Infineon Austria brings a smile to children's faces pdf

12/2018      Infineon Austria Fiscal Year 2018: Continued growth pdf

11/2018      A milestone in the history of European industry: Infineon starts construction of Austria's biggest investment project 
                      pdf Press release, pdf Quotes 

10/2018      Infineon Austria wins EFQM Global Excellence Award 2018 pdf

10/2018      Infineon Austria opens Hub at Vienna University of Technology pdf


09/2018      World's largest Electromobility-Rally Wave Trophy stops at Infineon Austria pdf

09/2018      Infineon Austria wins VCÖ Mobility Award 2018 pdf

09/2018      Infineon Graz: In global demand for 20 years pdf

09/2018      Successful conclusion of the EU research project "PowerBase":
                        A new generation of energy-saving chips from Europe reaches the market pdf

08/2018      Austrian Space Forum (OeWF) and Infineon Austria work together on space suit prototype pdf

06/2018      Infineon Austria wins the Export Award 2018 Link

06/2018      Digital all-round: the European research project iDev40 focuses on networking –

                    from the idea and concept to the consumer pdf  and quotes

06/2018      EU-Project HiPerform: High Performant Wide Band Gap Power Electronics for reliable, energy efficient 

                   drivetrains and optimization through multi-physics simulation pdf

05/2018      Infineon invests €1.6 billion in new 300-millimeter chip factory in Austria pdf

04/2018      Infineon receives award for social and ecological responsibility pdf

02/2018      Dr. Sabine Herlitschka elected as the new Chair of ECSEL Joint Undertaking Press Release

01/2018      Securing a quantum-computer world: Kick-off of the European research project "FutureTPM" took place

                    at Infineon in Graz. Project aim: Developing quantum-resistant security components. pdf

12/2017      Infineon Austria Fiscal Year 2017: Record revenue and expansion at all R&D sites pdf

11/2017      EU project "STEVE" investigates new e-mobility solutions for eco-friendly urban traffic pdf

10/2017      DICE Linz: Gerhard Riess new member of the Management Board / Manfred Ruhmer new Senior

                    Funding Manager pdf

08/2017    Infineon to establish global center of competence for new semiconductor technology in Austria pdf

08/2017    Smart charging without a cable pdf

05/2017    Infineon demonstrates first post quantum cryptography on a contactless security chip:
                    Realised by the development center Graz pdf

05/2017    Joined press release from the partners in the european research project "MATTHEW": Increased data
                    protection for consumers in contactless ticketing systems: Infineon-led research project concluded successfully pdf

05/2017    Joined press release of Technical Academy St. Andrä, Infineon Austria and regional Governement of Carinthia: 
                    First "learning factory for Industry 4.0 at the Technical Academy St. Andrä pdf

04/2017    Press release of the regional Government of Carinthia: Austria’s Chancellor Christian Kern goes high tech at
                    Infineon Link

03/2017    Industry & tourism now pulling in the same direction (joined press release) pdf

03/2017    Fraunhofer Prize for Excellent Technology Management at Infineon pdf

03/2017    WinterSchool: Students from across Europe "rock" Infineon Villach pdf

12/ 2016   Infineon Austria Financial Year 2016: Growth at all levels pdf

11/2016    Supracompany integration project generated 13 apprenticeships for young persons admitted for asylum pdf

10/2016    E-mobility arrives in Carinthia pdf

10/2016    Extension to Villach childcare center “International Day Care Center” formally opened pdf

10/2016    Bernd Steiner appointed the new head of production at Infineon Austria pdf (German)

10/2016    Ten years of research excellence from Villach for the world of electronics pdf 

09/2016    Little chips with a cool effect pdf

09/2016    SummerSchool 2016: 40 students visit the micro-electronics hotspot Villach pdf (German)

09/2016    Smaller, more efficient energy-saving chips “made in Europe”: Research project led by Infineon successfully
                     completed pdf

08/2016    World’s first NFC payment ring powered by a contactless security chip from Infineon Graz pdf

 06/2016   Petra Darnhofer-Demar appointed the new purchasing manager at Infineon Austria pdf (German)

06/2016    Smallest 3D camera worldwide brings Augmented Reality to a smartphone
                     Infineon developed the required sensor chip in Graz pdf

05/2016    "SemI40" strengthens Europe's economy with the "learning factory" pdf and quotes

05/2016    Infineon Austria/KGKK: Infineon named as "smoke-free" business in Carintha pdf

04/2016    Girl's Day 2016 - Launch of the discovery tour through technical professions pdf

04/2016    Infineon Austria/Austrian Academy of Science/HEPHY: New sensors for new particles pdf

03/2016    Villach childcare center "International Day Care Center" to be extended pdf

03/2016    Infineon Austria and Management Center Innsbruck to set up joint research laboratory in Innsbruck. pdf

03/2016    NFC debit cards with contactless technology from Infineon Graz: 7.6 million cards issued in Austria pdf

02/2016    Infineon Austria Security Components support Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy A smartphone series pdf

01/2016    Villach childcare center "International Day Care Center" to be extended pdf

12/2015    Infineon Austria: Innovative solutions for global challenges provide for considerable growth in 2015 pdf

11/2015    Infineon Austria expands partnership with Graz University of Technology pdf

10/2015    Infineon Austria opens building complex for Industry 4.0 in Villach pdf

10/2015    Hans Truppe to coordinate Industry 4.0 at Infineon Austria pdf

10/2015    Richard Hagelauer to withdraw from DICE Management Board pdf

10/2015    Alexandra Wachschütz joins Communications Austria pdf

08/2015   Expertise from Linz makes the world market leader: Infineon delivers its ten millionth automotive radar chip pdf

07/2015    Infineon Villach begins mass production of a new energy-saving chip generation for automotive applications pdf

05/2015    The energy-saving chips of the future: European research project PowerBase launches with Infineon Austria
                     in the lead role pdf

12/2014    Infineon Austria achieves double-digit growth and takes the vanguard of Industry 4.0 in Austria pdf

12/2014    Austria Federal President Dr. Heinz Fischer visits DICE development center for high-frequency
                     semiconductors in Linz pdf

11/2014    Infineon Technologies Austria endows a professorship for power electronics at the University of Innsbruck pdf

09/2014    Groundbreaking for the expansion in Villach pdf

09/2014    Infineon sets a "Best Practice" example in Europe pdf

04/2014    ENIAC JU EPPL Research Cooperation KICK-OFF in Villach pdf

02/2013    300-Milimeter-Thinwafer Production fully qualified pdf