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Reference Solution Workshops

Our Mission Future aims at sharing knowledge and searching for new solutions together. To keep this knowledge transfer as transparent and low-threshold as possible, we provide you with live sessions and videos on our Reference Solutions Workshops

Our power electronics-oriented Reference Solutions Workshops aim to disseminate know-how in different fields of industrial applications to strengthen the competitiveness of European SMEs in the use of advanced power semiconductors.

Furthermore, we focus on promoting the technology-driven implementation of the "Green Deal" goals. The focus of our workshops is on advances beyond the state of the art when it comes to IoT solutions for power management applications in industry and automotive.


In order to share know-how in the field of state of the art power devices and their technical features, we provide material for learning and training in this field to give insight into crucial features and critical aspects of modern power devices. This should enable participants to gain applicable know-how in power electronics.

Aspects to reduce cooling effort, weight and size (miniaturization) as well as the continuously increasing requirements on reliability and lifetime continue to be a major challenge in power electronics application development. Many users are not aware of the huge effort necessary to cope with these increased requirements. The target of this section is to create awareness for such highly competitive know-how and provide knowledge in this field.

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Being prepared to  cope  with  significantly  extended  lifetime and quality requirements  of  future power applications  is  key  for  success in our industry. The content of this session will enable attendees to optimize reliability, lifetime and functional safety of future power electronics innovations.

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This subtask focuses on setting new global benchmarks for electrical key parameters: the Reduction of the current RDSonbenchmark by >25% as well as the reduction of the current FOMOSSbenchmark by 30%.

This subtask focuses on the next level of RDSon, power density and ruggedness, on the innovation of technology portfolios to address new voltage classes and applications as well as on pioneering innovation for most efficient use of the expensive SiC substrate material.

This subtask focuses on (text level of) GaN MOCVD epitaxy processes, the Benchmark Defect Density performance as the basis for the next GaN generations and on the improvement of stress performance of GaN-on-Si Technology on 200mm Wafers.

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Smart Rectifier is the disruptive device beyond state of the art to optimize alternator efficiency. Technological advancements and Smart design concepts developed within the 2 preceding R&D&I projects S4M and SEPI are indispensable predevelopments steps and thus in the project sequence toward a Smart Rectifier Device.

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This work is funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology  and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Digital and Economic Affairs, and implemented by Austria Wirschaftsservice (aws) and the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) in the frame of the Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI) on Microelectronics. The IPCEI on Microelectronics is also funded by Public Authorities from Germany, France, Italy and U.K.