Security for the smart home

Trust in the smart home.

For "digital natives," those young people who cut their teeth on smartphones and tablet PCs, smart living will be second nature. But smart home products have also caught the eye of the older generation who have been drawn to the convenience they offer.

Products for smart living that can be controlled via mobile devices can be found in the following areas:

Lifestyle & convenience

  • Air conditioning
  • Washing machines
  • Lighting
  • Window shades

Protection & security

  • Network-based video monitoring
  • Locking systems
  • Motion sensors

Energy efficiency

  • Energy-saving systems
  • Thermostats
  • Smart power distribution
„Smart home products make life easier, more eco-friendly and are easy on the wallet. There's just one catch: They don't all have the same security standards.“
(Timo Grassmann, Product Marketing, Infineon Technologies AG)

Our contribution for smart home

A whole host of data is collected by smart home products: the time you leave home, when you're on vacation, whether you have pets, and what valuables can be found in the apartment. Through spying and a clever combination of data, unauthorized users can learn more than is desired about your household. This gives rise to three main risk areas in which Infineon offers solutions against potential threats:


Vulnerable devices can put life and limb at risk. Attacks, for example, that manipulate gas installations or door locks may pose a risk that should not be underestimated.

Personal data

Personal data, as well as any information that provides an insight into individual habits require trustworthy protection. Via a host of interfaces, data can be stolen, devices attacked and apartments spied on by cameras if the underlying systems are not adequately protected.


In large facilities, manipulation of devices can create huge technical problems that pose a major threat to society, such as turning on 20,000 air conditioning units at the same time to overload the grid. Elaborate safeguards must be set up, for example, for precise distribution of energy.

„By 2020, 100 million light fixtures will be network controlled. At least as many gaps to access sensitive customer data will emerge.“
(Source: Forbes and On World)

Infineon products offer security from the outset thanks to their hardware-based approach.

Our chip solutions deliver optimum protection through the combination of hardware-based security and encryption technology. As the market leader in trusted computing, and with decades of experience in the traditional chip card segment (banking and mobile communication), we contribute valuable knowledge to the smart home field.

Infineon's products and solutions offer:

  • Increased security without loss of convenience
  • Simple system integration
  • High reliability and quality
  • Long availability
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Expanded temperature ranges

Our qualifications as a smart home partner:

Understanding of security architecture

Extensive experience with complex security architecture in the smart home area at all interfaces: hardware, software and cloud-based systems.

Energy efficiency plus security

From microcontrollers to sensors, and energy and power modules, our products not only provide security but also energy efficiency in the smart home.

Scalable and flexible security solutions

Every smart home application has special requirements. Since our products can be adapted, you receive exactly the security solution you need.

Simple integration

Both our one chip solution (OPTIGA™ Trust) and our other products with standard interfaces allow simple integration. We offer maximum security with minimum effort.

Treat yourself to our system knowledge. It's worth it.

Infineon's semiconductor and system solutions support the complex changes in the smart home area by offering a wide range of security controllers and system solutions, thus countering the rapidly growing security threats. We have built up a deep understanding of systems during almost 30 years of our own research, but also as a partner for well-known customers and other players in the ecosystem.

You benefit from this system knowledge – because security creates value:

  • Development of new business and service models
  • Competitive edge
  • Safeguarding and expansion of revenue
  • Increased quality
  • Reliability and trust
  • Cost savings
  • Protection of intellectual property (IP) and know-how

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