Security for industrial automation

Smart factories: Securely tapping the potential.

The smart factory adds connectivity to digitally-supported production. Major opportunities such as cost savings, individual manufacturing within mass production and completely new business models are, however, pitted against significant risks. Infineon's security solutions therefore rely on a double strategy: Hardware-based security combined with state-of-the-art encryption technology offers optimum protection at reasonable costs.

„At Infineon, security is more than merely a product feature. It is the result of a lasting commitment to security throughout the company. We are pioneers in system security architecture and the leader in Trusted Computing.“
(Jürgen Spaenkuch, Head of Platform Security,
Infineon Technologies AG)

Our contribution for Industry 4.0

For the smart factory to achieve its full potential and at the same time be secure, a deep understanding of how it works is required. The aim must be to prevent connected production facilities from being manipulated and sabotaged in order to prevent commercial losses.

Smart factories will only be built and accepted if they can be implemented in a stable and cost-effective manner, and sensitive process know-how and intellectual property are reliably protected.

Infineon has decades of experience as a developer, production partner and supplier in the automotive, industrial power, energy and security industries.

These are industries that typically have high and tough performance requirements. In our pilot room Industry 4.0, set up in Villach, we test innovative and knowledge-intensive concepts in real conditions.

Our chip solutions deliver efficient protection through the combination of hardware-based security and encryption technology. As the market and innovation leader in trusted computing and embedded security, and with decades of experience in the traditional chip card segment (banking and mobile communication), we contribute valuable security knowledge to the field of industrial automation.

Infineon's products and solutions offer:

  • Trustworthy security for products, systems and know-how
  • Simple system integration
  • Optimum product features (including extreme thermal resistance)
  • High reliability and quality
  • Long availability
„85 percent of responding companies will have implemented 4.0 in their key areas by 2020.“
(Source: Strategy& and PWC)

Our qualifications as a partner for smart factory security:

System understanding

Extensive experience with the comprehensive system and security architecture of dynamic manufacturing processes, particularly at their interfaces: hardware, software and distributed computing/storage ("cloud") through our own Industry 4.0 production site

Infrastructure, process and
interface know-how

Expertise in protecting smart and cross-location processes and critical infrastructure nodes

IP protection

Protection methods with a proven track record of success for protecting patents and other intellectual property against product piracy, IT attacks and theft

Perfect mix

An ideal combination of comprehensive know-how about industrial applications and outstanding security expertise

Treat yourself to our system knowledge. It's worth it.

Infineon's semiconductor and system solutions support the complex changes associated with Industry 4.0 and the smart factory. We have built up a deep understanding of systems during almost 30 years of our own research, but also as a partner for well-known customers, research institutes and other companies.

You benefit from this system knowledge – because security in Industry 4.0 creates value:

  • Development of new business models
  • Competitive edge
  • Safeguarding and expansion of revenue
  • Improved quality and reliability
  • Increased availability of the supply chain and services
  • Cost savings
  • IP and know-how protection

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