Security for information and communication technology (ICT)

Securely connected in the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things really comes into its own when we're on the go. Whether in private use or at work, smartphones, tablets, e-books and wearables are convenient, useful and widely accepted.

What we often forget, however, is the mostly invisible, yet highly complex infrastructure which allows these small devices to do their work for us. Whether it's via a public or private cloud, or other corporate networks – here's where the IoT sets the pace. Although most normal users are unable to maintain this infrastructure themselves and must instead blindly trust that it works, this is where numerous threats lie.

According to projections, mobile devices will already make up more than 75 percent of the Internet of Things by 2020 (source: Market Research, EMC/IDC). Every one of them is basically a gateway for unauthorized access.

The more tasks we perform with mobile devices, the more data we produce and transmit day after day, and the higher the risk of this data being tapped, manipulated or misused. As a result, the security requirements placed on information and communication technology are growing significantly. Infineon has almost 30 years of security experience in sensitive industries, sectors and areas such as high security chip cards or official identification documents.

„Like the physical universe, the digital universe is large – by 2020 containing nearly as many digital bits as there are stars in the universe.“
(Source: Market Research EMC/IDC)

Our contribution for ICT

In this kind of dynamic infrastructure, it's important not to offer isolated solutions. Infineon focuses on the entire system, with secure end-to-end communication playing the decisive role. After all, security vulnerabilities also increase in parallel to the rapid growth of interfaces. Alongside manipulation (for example, through viruses or other malware), it's of primary importance to prevent unauthorized access. Only clearly identified clients and devices should be allowed to securely exchange data – irrespective of whether it's the cloud or in a private or corporate network. Compromised devices such as laptops, routers or servers should be identified immediately and countermeasures taken.

Conventional systems equipped simply with software-based security mechanisms are relatively easy to attack and manipulate. That's why we start with the chip's hardware. Our chip solutions deliver optimum protection through the combination of hardware security and encryption technology. As the market and innovation leader in trusted computing, and with decades of experience in the traditional chip card segment (banking and mobile communication), we contribute valuable knowledge to the field of information and communication technology.

Infineon's products allow:

  • Trustworthy interaction between devices and networks
  • Verification of the integrity of individual platforms
  • Identification and blocking of unauthorized devices
  • Protection of firmware and software updates
  • Encryption of stored, processed and sent data

Our qualifications as a security partner for ICT:

System understanding

Extensive experience with the dynamic security architecture in the Internet of Things and in the ICT environment

Industry experience

Based on almost 30 years of industry experience, we offer security solutions in the areas of SIM, NFC, trusted computing and embedded secure element


Whether it's NFC, mobile payment or e-call, Infineon is always at the forefront of new application fields

Intellectual Property

Protection methods with a proven track record of success for protecting intellectual property from product piracy, IT attacks and theft

Treat yourself to our system knowledge. It's worth it.

Infineon's semiconductor and system solutions support the complex and rapid changes in information and communication technology with security you can rely on. We have built up a deep understanding of systems during almost 30 years of our own research, but also as a partner for well-known customers and other players in the ecosystem.

You benefit from this system knowledge – because security creates value:

  • Development of new business and service models in the new markets
  • Competitive edge through a higher level of security
  • Improved quality and reliability
  • Creation of trust in the new solutions and opportunities
  • Protection of intellectual property and know-how

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