Micro Inverter Solutions

Micro inverter performs panel level DC-AC conversion, monitoring and communication to increase system efficiency and drive down system maintenance cost.

Infineon OptiMOS™ in SS08 package provides the highest power conversion efficiency and compact design. Our Microcontrollers offer a built-in high resolution PWM and high accuracy ADC, which enables precise digital control.

Infineon OptiMOS™ for Micro Inverter *

V in Topology V ds OptiMOS™
Up to 48V Half-Bridge 60V BSC016N06NS
Up to 48V Full-Bridge 60V BSC028N06NS
Up to 64V Full-Bridge 80V BSC047N08NS3 G
Up to 60V Flyback 150V BSC190N15NS3 G


Infineon CoolMOS™ for Micro Inverter *

Topology Package V ds OptiMOS™
Current Source D2Pak 800V SPB17N80C3
Current / Voltage Source D2Pak 650V IPB65R190C6


Infineon thinQ!™ SiC Diode for Micro Inverter *

Topology Package V ds thinQ!™
Rectification DPAK 600V IDD05SG60C

 * Most common used part numbers.

Infineon XMC4000 for Maximum Power Point Tracking and PWM control

  • ARM® Cortex™-M4 with floating point unit (FPU), single-cycle DSP MAC, 80-120 MHz CPU frequency
  • 4-channel high-resolution, PWM (150 ps) (XMC4400, XMC4200, XMC4100)
  • Up to 4x 12-bit ADC achieving 4 Mega samples per second (interleaved mode)
  • DAVE™4 – Free and professional development platform

Micro-Inverters: Design Aspects

In this video there are presented some design aspects for solar micro-inverters. First you get to know what a micro-inverter is: a DC / AC converter which links one single panel from the roof top to the AC mains. Later on, the main topologie families are explained: Current source inverter and voltage source inverter. Regarding these topologies the main design aspects for low cost, high reliability and high efficiency are shown by selecting the right parts from Infineon.